The End

Part 1: My first and last day of the second semester finals is tomorrow. I have been feeding my dysfunctional brain with facts from two different ends of the spectrum (Engineering Graphics and Music) for the past few days that death would seem like a better option. Though not really.

Part 2: Words like "Your crush is begging for you to touch his hand." and "Since someone is so stressed memorizing, I decided to share what I think we should study." made my day today. And words like "Don't be so cheap." and "I don't like your tone." just about broke it. I refuse to allow words to make or break my day...though I think I failed today; no thanks to the stress that came with finals. Pshaw.

Part 3: Tomorrow, a bunch of collegemates will be coming over to the house. It is something like a post-finals chill-out session during which we loll in front of the TV and watch an awesome movie while spending good times with each other for the last time in the semester. I will also be driving a half of us to dinner since there is only one other car which wouldn't fit the seven of us. Interesting. Again, not really.

Part 4: I am currently watching Michael Jackson's memorial live on CNN.com and this gives me about 3 hours of sleep before I have to get up for college tomorrow. Oy.


drey said...

"Your crush is begging for you to touch his hand."
/hee /hee /hee
Today is already the best day and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for everything /yay /yay

HOLIDAYS! +D /weee

Justine said...

Hehehehehe. You know lah. :P

Thanks for everything? I didn't do anything. :S

And thanks, too!!!! Hehehe. Good to have met and befriended you this semester. =)

Happy holidays!!! Have a good time! :D

drey said...

EESH. Gosh. Boy. Oh Boy. =D

Justine said...

'Boy oh boy' for what?????? -.-

drey said...

nahzhinght. nehvrr-mynz. =D

Justine said...