Elusive Lists

Today went by pretty fast. After lunch (which was 4PM), I pored over a good book for a few hours until I reached the last page. Then I did a bit of researching online for course equivalency lists at prospective university websites. I had thought that it was going to be a piece of cake getting the list from the respective websites but boy was I wrong. I had taken almost three hours sifting through all the links from only six university websites and finally found two elusive course equivalency lists for my college. I was getting increasingly annoyed with every link explored and then closed so much so that when I actually found the second course equivalency list at the fifth university site, I actually felt triumphant. At least, a little bit. Tomorrow, I will have to go through the nine other university websites in the list given to me by the college counselor. Oy.

I say today went by rather rapidly because 9PM felt like 6PM to me. And midnight felt like 8PM to me. Double oy. As kvetched to a friend earlier, at this rate, the next three weeks of my semester break will seem like two full days to me. And before I realize it, the next day is going to be the first day of the third semester. Oh boy.


Olivia NLC said...

some uni websites are really vague! i had trouble finding too. actually i still *have trouble finding considering i'm not done yet xD

Justine said...

Yalah! I only found 3 course equivalency lists out of the 15 sites I had explored. -.- But the odd thing about one of the 3 is that that particular university accepts credits for MORAL AND MALAYSIAN STUDIES. Seriously. Was shocked big-time when I saw the list. Haha.