New Addition

Today was destined to be a supremely dull day -one in which I would have to stay indoors all day and do nothing remotely productive. Thankfully, things took a turn for the better. A friend decided to head to the mall to look for TOEFL reference books -just like I had two days ago- and kindly invited me along. And the day stopped becoming dull from that moment onwards. The friend picked me up and we left for the mall sometime in the afternoon. We darted straight for the bookstore and lo and behold, there was a book sale. The friend bought quite a number of books while I purchased one book I had been looking for since...last year. We spent a little over two hours at the mall and left in the evening. It was a pleasant day and I had a good time just hanging out with a friend at the bookstore.

In other fantastic news, a friend has finally entered the blogging world. Glad to finally have you along for the ride in the blogosphere!


Tu, We, Th

Warning: Insanely boring post ahead. Read only when you want to fall asleep as soon as you can.

On Tuesday, I met up with a bunch of friends at college. It had been too long since we'd last stepped onto the college grounds so it felt really good doing so; at least for me. After visiting the library for a short while and collecting our semester grade reports, we came down to the town where a friend and I live. My friend allowed me to drive her car. And so I did. Needless to say, the ride was smooth all the way...according to the owner of the car, but certainly not me. Heh. I have yet to tell my parents about it since driving a friend's car would make them cry, but driving an unfamiliar car for the first time smoothly would make them smile. So I wouldn't want to test that out just yet.

We came over to my place for about thirty minutes to watch this splendid "motion picture" a friend had compiled from the numerous videos we have in the vault so far. And then did something else, too. Then we left for the mall and loitered around since none of us were in the mood for a movie. And in the spur of the moment, we decided to celebrate a surprise birthday dinner for a friend who turns 19 exactly today. I can't remember much of what happened after that, but I just remember that we had an awesome time; as we always do when we get together. It was time spent well with dear friends.

On Wednesday, I was to accompany a friend to KLCC to collect something from yet another friend. I arrived in college at 1PM and had 2 hours to kill before my friend ended college at 3PM. I decided to have lunch by myself at this eatery located in the college building since it has been a while since I've last eaten there and I like the food there, unhealthy as it is. Then I visited the library. It was unusually quiet since it was the semester break and I sat comfortably by the window and immersed myself in a highly amusing storybook for an hour or so.

After meeting up with the friend, we took the train to KLCC and arrived there around 5PM. While waiting for the other friend to arrive, we ate at Chilis and paid the fantastically huge bookstore a visit to check out the TOEFL reference books, among other types of books. I finally bought a reference book since I am going to sit for the TOEFL test in September. Around 7PM, we met up with the friend and did what we planned to do. Then we walked on the streets of KL for the first time to look for a building. It was a bit frightening at first since the sky was getting dark but somehow, whenever we got lost, there were people we could ask for directions. I guess they had been angels in the form of people God had placed at strategic places for us to seek help from. Heh. So we finally found our way to the building and got our ride home.

On Thursday, or today, I headed to the city yet again with my parents to meet up with a counselor at MACEE regarding American universities. The counselor told me what I needed to hear for about an hour and I spent the rest of the time hunting for prospective university booklets at the pseudo-library there. I left with a ton of academic materials and a wide grin on my face. It was definitely worth every second of my time today.

The day before yesterday, yesterday and today's level-o-productivity: 50/5


Tragic Thoughts

Yesterday, I tutored my cousin brother Additional Mathematics for a total of two and a half hours. I absolutely have no idea how I survived the session but the ironic thing was that he could handle using his brain for more than two hours and was so motivated throughout the session. Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to make it past the second hour if I were still in high school. So it was a wonder how I found the will, concentration and energy to teach him after two hours had elapsed. I also came to realize that teaching is actually a little bit more challenging than learning...especially when one has embarrassingly forgotten a subtopic of a chapter and has to seek help from a math whiz online. Aiyaya.

Today was a brilliantly boring day. But I enjoyed the tedium. I woke up unusually early this morning and watched a movie which left me feeling slightly light-hearted. It ended somewhere around 12PM which was an hour earlier than the usual time I get up at daily. After the movie, I continued with the awesome storybook I was reading and finished it. It was a good feeling -reading more than a hundred pages in one day- because it has been months since I last had the rabid desire to read non-stop until I arrived at the last page of the story. Then I watched some TV and napped a bit in the evening. I had also spent a minimal time on the laptop...which is very unlike any other day. Like I said, utterly boring.

In a way, today made me miss my old self. I honestly can't tell how much I have changed since I stepped into college, or if I have changed at all, or if the change was for the better or for the worse. But I am certain that college has taken a little bit of my old self away. And may have replaced it with something new. I am not too sure if I am liking the new self too much. But then again, my old self was a bit twisted in the head, too. So, in conclusion, this whole paragraph has only one point: There is no point. Oy. This is why I loathe the holidays. There is too much room for thoughts, be it joyful or tragic ones. Thankfully, I channel more happy (or insane) thoughts than sad thoughts...or at least I'd like to think so.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week as I have something planned everyday before the life-threatening tooth surgery next Monday. Pshaw.


Malacca: A Weird Experience with Family and Friends

Warning: This post is deathly long. Read at will.

Four friends, my parents and I had travelled to Malacca for a 3-day 2-night sojourn on Thursday. Although it was my parents and my googilianth time visiting the place, it had been my friends’ first or second time visiting the historical city. Two of them were foreigners, after all. When we reached our destination on the first day, we went for a little walk at a tourist spot called Jonker’s Street. I had stopped regarding myself as a tourist at the place since, as aforementioned, I had walked on that very same sidewalk for seven years now. The sun was scorching hot that day and we had a drink at a well-known café-cum-bar along the street. It was then that we played a flopped game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #1.

When night came, we went on the Eye on Malaysia and had a remarkable time sitting in the cabin staring at buildings, the dark mass of sea, each other and my parents waving as we go by them; over and over again for four times. After an interesting dinner wherein my parents came to know my friends a little better and the tension finally broke, we returned to the café-cum-bar we had been to earlier in the day. The game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #2 resumed. Oy. When we finally made our way back to the hotel, a friend and I went down to the lobby to access the World Wide Web since we had brought our laptops. A ridiculous thing happened as we were on our laptops, sitting opposite each other. We began chatting via MSN messenger instead of just opening our mouths to speak to each other. Double oy. I also realized the extent of my cluelessness of the world out there as the friend slowly introduced me to job sites and several other famed sites I never knew existed. Triple oy.

The second day arrived sooner than expected…possibly because we had gone to bed at 4AM. The friend -who was in the same hotel room as me- and I woke up with thirty minutes to spare before breakfast time at the hotel was over. After breakfast, two friends left Malacca to attend to something important while two out of the three of us who were still there went back to sleep, regardless of how unhealthy that may sound. Naturally, I was one of the two.

I was giving my brain its necessary rest when my phone buzzed. The text message bore the news that the results of our second semester in college had been posted that morning. My eyes shot open and I jumped out of bed, eager to know how I did since I had been feverishly checking the student portal multiple times daily for the results ever since the finals ended. The other two friends were then informed and we dashed to the lobby, frantically logging into the student portal to check the ominous results. Thankfully, I hadn’t done too badly, thanks to God’s grace. Praise Him. After my heartbeat stabilized, I went through a minor bout of multitasking. I had my hands occupied with talking to the friends who were there with me at the hotel, the friends who were online and the friends I was texting. Everyone -except, no kidding, yours truly- had improved from the first semester in college and had their CGPAs raised. One friend I had texted even scored a perfect 4.0. Cheers to them all.

When we were finally done and decided to go back to sleep, my parents came down to the lobby, waiting for us to get ready to leave for the mall. Brilliant. Sleep had to wait. After having a mediocre lunch and invigorating conversations with the two good friends, we went for a movie at the cinema which must’ve been at least a century old. It was truly the perfect setting for a horror movie involving deaths in a freakish theatre because the place had all the makings of it.

We decided to walk from the mall to Jonker’s Street after the movie to enjoy the scenery and non-existent breeze. After several minutes of wandering around, we headed back to the hotel…by foot. It was astonishing how I was able to walk on my feet alone and not on both my feet and hands on the way back. We had actually walked from the mall to the hotel. Unbelievable. We took a couple of minutes to freshen up and my parents spared our (Read: my) lives by driving us back to Jonker’s Street as we hadn’t seen all the stalls yet. Since I had been there countless times, I didn’t have to get anything for myself. The two friends, however, only had their other friends’ best interests at heart and laboriously hunted for perfect souvenirs for them and didn’t get anything for themselves. It was definitely an admirable act and I am positive that the friends they had gotten the gifts for will appreciate their thoughtfulness. Or I will beat them to a pulp. (Just kidding.)

After two painstaking hours, we were finally done. I was wiped out, hungry and sleepy -the worst combination one could have during a vacation- so we went to a comfortable and quaint eatery by the street. I was feeling a bit restless and tired when a friend who possessed a kind soul decided to willfully sing renditions of David Archuleta’s songs and I was eternally grateful. The two friends who had left Malacca rejoined us for dinner and we had a lengthy conversation about movies and actors in general. It was also then that we played yet another game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #3. Aiyaya.

When we were done, we started the walk back to the hotel around midnight. The second time around wasn’t as bad as the first one as I wasn’t short of breath or sweating bullets. Much. The stroll was peaceful since the roads were deserted and the comfortable silence was, somehow, enjoyable to me. We went back to our respective hotel rooms for a short while. A commotion had ensued at the room next door as my parents tried to sleep in the hotel room two doors away from the scene of commotion. The room in question had been the room where the guys stayed. Figures.

Around 1AM, we went down to the lobby. I did a bit of emailing and later joined the two friends working on making a funny little movie out of the nineteen videos we had recorded during the BBQ. The plan was to stay up all night until it was time for breakfast which began at 7AM. Unsurprisingly, the plan failed to succeed. I crashed at 4.30AM while another friend followed suit an hour later. However, there was a sole trooper who actually stayed up all night, made it through breakfast and only had a nap at 10AM the next morning after breakfast…which was also the same time I had taken a nap.

‘Noon arrived and we had to check out of the hotel. We all went for our last lunch in Malacca. It was there that we played a game of –just kidding. I meant to say, it was there that a cat had assaulted me as I was eating. Finally, it was time to bid goodbye and my parents wished my friends well before we parted ways in two separate cars.

(Shocking Fact #1) In a nutshell, the trip was worthwhile. (Shocking Fact #2) Maybe more than worthwhile. Although I was visiting the same place for the 432971th time now, I had a different company this time. I had expected many things to go wrong throughout the trip because when you mix two different groups of people in your life, the results always tend to surprise, be it good or bad. I was expecting the worst. (Shocking Fact #3) But fortunately, I was wrong because the surprise was a good one this time. (Shocking Fact #4) I learned a little bit more about my parents, if that was even possible. And of course, I had also learned a lot more about the friends which had tagged along for the trip. (Shocking Fact #5) But I wasn’t the only one because my mother knows them pretty well now though it may not work the other way around. (Shocking Fact #6) She was also able to tell me what she thinks their characters are and lo and behold, she couldn’t have been more correct. So the trip to Malacca was different this time. I discovered that my parents can sometimes be cooler than cool. And I discovered that my friends have pretty big hearts and pretty awesome traits. It’s a bit funny how at ease I was with having both my parents and friends around me at the same time. Though I can’t help thinking that if I were to go on a roadtrip with my parents and friends again, the ease would just shrivel up and die. So I’m glad to leave the ease that way -alive- for now. Still, I have to concede that I had a pretty amazing vacation with pretty fantastic people.

P/S: This post is dedicated to the friend who kept pestering me to post an account of the trip. There you go: A 1500-word account of the trip. Now keep your end of the bargain. Ha-ha. (Appreciate it.)

[For more accounts on the trip (if this one hasn't scared you off already), click here, here and here.]


My "Little" Yellow Friend

Today was a brilliant day. Although I had to wake up insanely early (9AM) to leave for the city with my mother and brother, I didn't grumble (much) because it was probably the first or second time I've gotten up in the morning instead of the afternoon since the holidays began. After forty minutes of my brother's life-threateningly mad driving, we arrived at our destination. We had lunch at McDonald's before spending an unbelievably long time (more than an hour) at the watch shop. When we finally left the place with a few awesome watches, we decided to go back home.

On the way back to the car, the best thing of the day happened to me. We passed by an interesting shop selling wholesale toys and lo and behold, a gigantic SpongeBob SquarePants was seated by the window, earnestly calling my name and beckoning me to own it. I stopped in my tracks and said (Read: squealed) the first thing that came to my mind, "SpongeBob!" My brother and mother weren't the only ones who witnessed my childish reaction since there were a few other people outside the shop, too. My brother, mother and I went into the shop to inquire about the yellow dude and discovered that one humongous soft toy can actually pay for one semester's library and computer fee in my college. The happiness died right at that moment.

We (Read: I) left the shop solemnly and the people outside were staring at us -hard. Before we finally departed from the front of the shop though, my brother decided to take a picture of the huge desirable yellow sponge and called me at the last minute to turn to the camera. Now, I am not one who relishes posting pictures of oneself at one's own blog. At all. Not in the least bit. Never ever ever ever -you get the point. But I am going to make this one an exception. Because the picture is probably the only lasting memory I will ever have of the discovery of the greatest SpongeBob SquarePants on Earth. Or at least, in the country. Or at least, in the state.

What went through my mind: "I want it, I want it, I want it." What a kid. Oy.

P/S: I am not insane...just in need of some cartoon soft toy therapy.


Elusive Lists

Today went by pretty fast. After lunch (which was 4PM), I pored over a good book for a few hours until I reached the last page. Then I did a bit of researching online for course equivalency lists at prospective university websites. I had thought that it was going to be a piece of cake getting the list from the respective websites but boy was I wrong. I had taken almost three hours sifting through all the links from only six university websites and finally found two elusive course equivalency lists for my college. I was getting increasingly annoyed with every link explored and then closed so much so that when I actually found the second course equivalency list at the fifth university site, I actually felt triumphant. At least, a little bit. Tomorrow, I will have to go through the nine other university websites in the list given to me by the college counselor. Oy.

I say today went by rather rapidly because 9PM felt like 6PM to me. And midnight felt like 8PM to me. Double oy. As kvetched to a friend earlier, at this rate, the next three weeks of my semester break will seem like two full days to me. And before I realize it, the next day is going to be the first day of the third semester. Oh boy.


Performance Review: Take Two

Tonight was an eventful night. I had attended the 2009 Sacred Music Festival (Johann Sebastian Bach's "Mass in B Minor" Concert) with three other cell group-mates. The concert was performed by a huge choir accompanied by the orchestra. Ever since I was forced to listen to Bach's compositions in MUS103 last semester, I had come to love his pieces. So it was especially captivating to listen to the orchestra playing my favorite sounds while the choir singers belted out the Latin text with fervor. There had also been four solo singers whose voices just knocked the wind out of me. They were absolutely spectacular.

I particularly enjoyed reading the Latin text projected on the screens set up and trying to grasp the meaning of certain words with the English translation provided. It is an interesting language, much like most languages out there. Another thing that was a mystery to me was the reason why the choir singers kept flipping the pages of a book as they sang the same line over and over and over and over again throughout the whole composition or movement. Then it slowly dawned on me that even though they were singing the same lines countless times, the variations in the melody had been countless as well. So that was why they were turning the pages for: to read the song notes on the pages and in turn, singing the melody. Interesting.

I certainly enjoyed every moment of it though my stomach was in need of food. We eventually had dinner at 11PM and got home past midnight. But it was definitely a night to remember and I am thankful that I can still appreciate music that isn't mainstream these days even though MUS103 has long been done with. The concert would also make a neat performance review compared to the one I had handed in regarding the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. I am most definitely going to look out for more music festivals in the future.


First Barbecue

Today, unlike yesterday, was a highly interesting day. I woke up with a little over an hour to spare before the meet-up in college before the hang-out at the mall before the chill-out at a friend's place before the burn-out of the BBQ food. After lunch and a bit of hanging-out at the mall, we headed to the supermarket located inside the mall and delved into BBQ-planning mode...only we (Read: I) hadn't the slightest clue exactly what kind of food is needed for the BBQ. Thankfully, most of them (Read: Everyone but me) knew what to get. We ended up spending a crazy amount of money over raw food.

We had gotten around in two cars and the car I was in arrived at the friend's place before the friend arrived home. Amidst the pleasant wait to enter the house, a friend suddenly texted everyone in the car sitting less than three feet away from him and refused to talk. Ironically, said friend had mentioned earlier in the day what technology can do to people these days. He only didn't realize that 'people' included him. And, uh, me.

Once we entered the house and had a mini-tour of the cozy place, we immediately dove into our delegated jobs. There were, unofficially, Team A, Team B and Team C. Team A was in charge of assembling the BBQ set and getting the charcoal ready. Team B was in charge of preparing the food for BBQ. Team C was in charge of capturing every moment on camera or tape. I was in Team C since I wouldn't be an asset for the first two teams. I tried to snap moments on camera as best as I could together with my partner in crime who is turning out to be quite the skillful video-cameraman. I have discovered a long time ago that it is always better to be behind the camera lens than in front of it. So I enjoyed my job...except the times when I was horrendously made to be in front of the lens. Bitter memories, those are.

When the time to BBQ the prepared food came, we all crowded at the porch and divided yet again into two unofficial teams: Team 1 and Team 2. Team 1 (which had comprised of only one person: me) was in charge of bringing the plate to the BBQ set when the food was ready to be eaten while Team 2 (the rest) played important roles in the main event of the day. Thanks to the amazing teamwork that ensued, we had delicious sausages, lamb kebab on sticks and chicken pieces for dinner. And Cheezels. Sweet.

The dinner finally came to a close around 10PM. As always, I had a fantastic time with invaluable friends and succulent food. It was my first time having or participating in a BBQ and boy did I have an awesome experience. I had also learned a new thing or two about each friend, as mentioned in a friend's blog. I now know I have friends who possess undiscovered video-recording skills, cheffing skills, keeping-the-fire-going skills, barbecuing skills, detecting-whether-the-food-is-barbecued-enough-or-not skills and making-a-good-impression-in-front-of-friend's-parents skills. Impressive.

P/S: A friend's post about the uneaten salad we had prepared had me nearly choking on my breakfast beverage. No kidding.



Today was a fairly interesting day. I failed to get up at 8AM and only woke up an hour later when the cleaner pounded on my room door. My father, apparently, had graciously let her in before he left for work.

Sometime in the day, my cousin brother came over to resume the tutoring session. It started off well until we landed at a subtopic wherein he realized he didn't have the notes of. I had loathed that particular subtopic back in high school and revisiting said topic wasn't very pleasant. But since we didn't have a single reference whatsoever, I had to extract the little remains of the topic left in my memory -complete with diagrams and theories- and tutor him. Aiyaya! It's a good thing I am not getting paid because I have failed as a tutor. Big-time.

In other less depressing news, I will be meeting up with my collegemates tomorrow for lunch and a BBQ dinner. This would be my first time having a self-made/prepared/whatever-you-call-it BBQ. I am very much looking forward to it.


Challenged: Artfully and Physically

Today, I tried my hand at some arts and crafts and accomplished 3% of what I had wanted to skillfully produce. And I was on the treadmill for an hour thanks to the techno songs my Music lecturer had introduced to me during the listening test in the finals. So the adrenaline was pumping and I didn't want to stop. Which now looks to be a bad idea because my feet hurt terribly now and I may have a problem walking. So there is the possiblity of me being bed-ridden tomorrow while I carry on with my tutoring session. Brilliant.

Tomorrow, I am going to have to get up at an unearthly hour (8AM) to let the cleaner into the house. I have never woken up earlier than 12PM for the past few days so it is going to be a challenge getting up that early tomorrow. And if I succeed in that challenge, a second challenge awaits me: Walking to the house door. And if I succeed in that challenge, a billion other challenges await me. Oy.

It is clear that I am either bored, insane or insanely bored.


Temporary Tutor

Today, I tutored for the first time. My student was none other than my cousin brother who is still in high school. Surprisingly, he had more motivation than me since my concentration flew out the window an hour into the tutoring session. He pressed on for three solid hours while I struggled to concentrate on what I was tutoring for two solid hours. Unsurprisingly, I was a terrible tutor for reasons too many to be mentioned. I may be tutoring him again next week and I am just hoping that I will not confuse him but be of a bit of help.



Tonight was prom night in my college. While that was going on, I was walking on a treadmill and listening to the iPod with my mother on the treadmill next to mine in an empty gym. In my opinion, that definitely beats going to prom. And sadly, I am stating that without a hint of sarcasm.

Apart from the aforementioned highlight of the day, I have finally gotten started on a storybook after two eternities or so. I also wrote a lot today for the sole reason of assuaging my thirst for writing. It has been too long and I am glad that I now have the time to get back to my favorite hobby, among many others.


Project E

Two days ago, right after the last exam paper, six collegemates and I kicked into gear and launched ourselves into the mission for the day. We had planned to surprise a dear friend in advance for her birthday since she was going to be away on the actual day itself and thankfully, we semi-executed the mission. So many plans were meticulously conceived and I think a few of us lost a googilian brain cells in the process. Everything started off well, or so I had thought, until the moment the to-be-surprised friend opened the refrigerator and was greeted by the lovely sight of the cake box with the knife and eighteen pretty candles adhered to it at the top. Perfect. Amazingly, nobody freaked out and remained composed. I had wanted to mentally bang my head on the wall when it happened but just acted as if we were still on the right track. When we finally unleashed the birthday cake on her, she was semi-surprised and even teared up a little after that. And most of her reaction was caught on tape. Sweet.

The plan after the unveiling of the surprise was to watch a good movie in front of the television set. Only things deviated a bit and we ended up watching one quarter of the movie and spent the rest of the time doing absolutely nothing of great significance. It’s funny how time passes so fast sometimes when you are spending it with remarkable people who matter to you. When it was time to leave the house, I drove the half of us to dinner. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be because I was fortunate to have three safe drivers as passengers in the car with me. A good friend who rode shotgun also became my second pair of eyes on the road. So our lives were in no danger. Or at least, not much.

It was definitely a day spent well with good friends and a perfect way to draw the summer semester to a close. Again, I can’t believe how fast time flies. It was only last month that I had begun my second semester of college and I am now moving into my third semester of college next month. Of the many things I will miss about my second semester of college, I will miss my Music classes the most. I had never wanted to learn a whole new language (or two), sing opera (I used to abhor the genre), learn a new musical instrument (or two), live in the past, have the urge to attend the MPO every month and hear the Gregorian chants multiple times a day. But now I do. And my view on the world of music has certainly changed and I am glad I can now appreciate music from every period in history. I will also miss my Music lecturer a whole lot because she is, hands-down, the most phenomenal lecturer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and being taught under. If my parents are willing, I would most definitely sign up for the course again during a long semester so as not to miss out on the full experience with the unabridged class lessons. But that is not an option. And I have already gotten the best out of the classes.

The holidays have begun since yesterday. I have exactly a whole month off college and the boredom and unproductiveness have already set in. I am going to devise a list of things to do right after this to prevent myself from going barmy with the nothingness, emptiness and uselessness of this semester break. There is also the possibility of me tutoring my cousin with a few high school subjects…which would be a fantastic way to kill my time. But since I possess such a sound memory, I am going to have to revise beforehand because not a single Chemistry/Physics/Add Math fact remains in my brain at present time. Awesome.

I also have more than twenty storybooks to read and more than ten movies to watch for the holidays. And then a whole lot of time busying myself doing nothing. And also a ton of time engaging in comment threads on Facebook. Lately, the start of the holidays has taken its toll on a couple of college friends and they have been talking utter gibberish via the comment threads. It is a wonder to think that they are college students majoring in science who communicate in incomprehensible languages for the fun of it. Huh. Oh…and I am also in on the whole thing. And may have played a part in initiating it. Oy. My bad.


The End

Part 1: My first and last day of the second semester finals is tomorrow. I have been feeding my dysfunctional brain with facts from two different ends of the spectrum (Engineering Graphics and Music) for the past few days that death would seem like a better option. Though not really.

Part 2: Words like "Your crush is begging for you to touch his hand." and "Since someone is so stressed memorizing, I decided to share what I think we should study." made my day today. And words like "Don't be so cheap." and "I don't like your tone." just about broke it. I refuse to allow words to make or break my day...though I think I failed today; no thanks to the stress that came with finals. Pshaw.

Part 3: Tomorrow, a bunch of collegemates will be coming over to the house. It is something like a post-finals chill-out session during which we loll in front of the TV and watch an awesome movie while spending good times with each other for the last time in the semester. I will also be driving a half of us to dinner since there is only one other car which wouldn't fit the seven of us. Interesting. Again, not really.

Part 4: I am currently watching Michael Jackson's memorial live on CNN.com and this gives me about 3 hours of sleep before I have to get up for college tomorrow. Oy.



Today, my brother turns 12. I mean, 21. Blessed Birthday, big bro. Have a good one.