The Tooth Subject

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get my teeth x-rayed. I actually had to get it done last year because I had and still have to get my teeth x-rayed annually ever since the epic fall in high school back when I was fourteen. All I have to say is tooth maintenance ain't cheap. And the news I received after the x-ray only exacerbated the issue. I have always had this stunted tooth lodged inside my gum right above my two front teeth. It is not noticeable at all because it is very much located inside my gum, as aforementioned. And it hasn't been giving me any problems...right until now, that is. I will be going for a tooth operation sometime next month which will last for one hour and cost about half my summer semester fee in college. And I will not be sedated but merely have my gum feel numb while the dentist slices my gum open, realizes that he can't find the lonesome tooth, begins to prod my blood-filled jaw for the tooth, hits something hard, says "Aha, I've found it!", plucks the tooth out and stitches my gum shut while blood oozes out everywhere and chokes me. Huh.

And since I am on the delicate topic of teeth, I'd just like to quote the policy of a hilarious friend who aspires to be a dentist: "Pull one tooth, another tooth will be pulled for free."


drey said...

WARNING: This post is consists of mature content. i.e. violence, gore, etcetcetc.

Justine said...

Oi. This post is completely violent-free. Just a tad too detailed, that's all. =)

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

Justine.... Your description is really making me so scare!! *Shivers*... *Faint*

sam said...

justine: x- ray.
sam and reb: oh then have to be naked?
justine: tooth x- ray actually.

wahahahah. oops if drey reads this he would say it consists of 18SX haha. sorry drey.

Justine said...

Sherina, hehe, I am also scaring myself. Haha.

Sam, hahahahahahahahaha!!!