This and That

Occasionally, I prefer posting about things/events in pictures instead of words. This is one of those occasions.

The mouthwatering cupcakes which were gone in two days.

Can hardly see the picture? Good.

Drawing the measly bolt above took me two excruciating hours.

Awesome bookmark handmade by my cousin sister.

We were talking (Read: gushing) about the movie for a solid ten minutes outside the theatre after the movie ended. Epic.


drey said...

awesuhm cupcakes! and bookmark! and drawing! hehe. not transformers though.

azngeek said...

I liked transformers too. So many haters.

Justine said...

Andre, what!!!!!! Tak faham. -.- And thanks. Hehe.

Azngeek, yes, like the one above. Oy.