Yesterday was a fantastic day. Naturally, after having such a nervewrecking day the day before thanks to the drawing homework, the next day had to be nothing but better. I managed to complete the computer lab homework for Engineering Graphics under 90 minutes. I had honestly thought that I was going to camp at the place until midnight to get that done but thankfully, I was wrong. Besides that, I also had a great brunch with awesome collegemates and good friends.

Today, too, was also an exceptionally enjoyable day. It felt really nice catching up with a cherished friend and keeping our thirteen-year friendship intact. Music class today was also remarkably brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant. The lecturer gave us a succinct lesson on languages in general, the intotation of different races and cultures around the world and the proper pronunciation for German and Italian words. And boy did I love every single second of it. After the mini crash course on Languages 101, we proceeded to learn about opera (which was in Italian and German), a genre of music I never thought I'd actually learn to tolerate. And then we were made to sing it. Opera. Unbelievable. It would seem cringe-worthy but believe me, I enjoyed belting out Italian words without the slightest clue if I was doing it right or not. Sweet.

On a side note, some other interesting stuff we have learned in Music so far: How to pull off the generic 'sexy look', How to punch someone perfectly in the face and at the right places, How to say 'Here' in the American, British, Hong Kong, Malaysian Chinese, Native Indian and Malaysian Malay accents and How to say 'Stop/Attention' in German [refer to the title of the post]. Sweet to the power of two.


drey said...


Im still jumpinga around with Transcendental.

sam said...

after writing on my blog,i read urs. our main point is today' music class haha. i guess everyone of us enjoyed music class a lot especially today!!!! haha.

Justine said...

Andre, I still cannot understand. Adui.

Sam, hehe, high 5!

azngeek said...

I'd like to learn the RIGHT way to punch someone in the face too :P

drey said...

keke. both my words were cacated >< i posted then realize they were wrong D:

Achtung. Guten Nacht.

Justine said...

Tim, haha, then you would most definitely enjoy my Music class! :)

Andre, guten nacht!