Drawing Disability

If drawing graphic images -be it by hand or by a computer program- is what my future job as an engineer entails, then I am most definitely in the wrong line.

Sorry. I just had to rant after three solid hours of drawing isometric sketches and mapping out coordinates of a 3D diagram to be drawn using a computer program. These are assignments from my Engineering Graphics class and no words can describe the immense pain and mental torture I went through drawing those simple-looking sketches. I can almost shed a tear or two. But only almost.

Phew. End rant.


drey said...

KAKAKAKA...chill justine. at least u finished it!=D

Joe Jian said...

muahaha.. i think mine is worst than yours okay! XD

azngeek said...

It's not all about drawing. It's just an aspect of engineering. Many engineers don't end up doing any drawing at all once they get out. Depends what line of work you get into. Civil people especially aren't huge on design if they enter a structural role or whatever.

Olivia NLC said...

stay strong justine! i believe in you :D

Justine said...

Andre, I am very very very chilled. I consume firecubes, remember? :)

Jessie, haha, yeah. That, I would agree! I wouldn't survive drawing what you draw. :S

Tim, thanks for the explanation. Hehe. Was just venting a bit since I couldn't contain my frustrations. I'm OK now. =)

Olivia, hehe, terima kasih!!! :D