4 x 100

The week has been marvelous.

On Tuesday, I went to the mall located five minutes away from college with five friends and one cousin as we waited for the other four friends to finish their classes. We bought ice-cream, walked around the mall and went to the toy section just to kill time. When it was time, all eleven of us headed to KLCC to purchase tickets for yet another orchestral performance next Sunday. All of us had to be there with our respective student IDs in order to obtain the student price, which was freakishly cheap considering how good the seats we had booked were. Sweet. We took the train both ways and came back at night. My cousin followed me back home and spent the night over. It had been a while since we last had a sleepover and I am glad we got to spend some time catching up with each other before we crashed in bed. It had truly been a long day...but it was undoubtedly a great one. Cheesy as this may sound, the joy I experienced throughout the day was definitely a first since I stepped into college back in January. For the most part, I enjoyed the company of every single friend there and was beyond glad that my cousin and friend of thirteen years met my amazing bunch of collegemates.

Moving on to less nausea-inducing issues, I got myself Kanye shades called shutters on Thursday which look exactly like this. And since my brother had said that it is only appropriate for clubbing, I will only don it when I go clubbing...which translates to never. Oy. Prior to that, I had an awesome but all too short lunch with the collegemates who went to mall with me on Tuesday.

On Friday, my quadruple attempt to nap failed thanks to the buzzing and/or ringing of my phone.

On Saturday, I went to college for a four-hour replacement Music class. At night, I went out with a friend for a movie and saw a radio DJ at the mall. Odd.

Today, the whole family went to church for Father's Day. I am forever thankful to have two fathers, one on Earth and One in Heaven. After church, we went for lunch at this place we hadn't been to in years, literally. The food was as good as ever. The family as amazing as ever. And my parents came back from the mall today with the most heavenly and good-looking cupcakes (by +wondermilk) I have ever feasted on. I am at peace now. But not really since I had scarfed down five mini cupcakes in a matter of minutes and might have to consume everything sugarless in the next few days. Double oy.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day...just as every other day is these days. And suffice to say, I have begun to love college. Heh.

P/S: This is my 400th post. Celebrated with incredible cupcakes.


drey said...

T^T SOwWEEEE!!! din meant to buzz ur phone ><


And AWWWW. Great bunch of collegemates? AW, Shucks. XD SS.

Olivia NLC said...

haha if wondermilk cupcakes are good-looking you should check this out: www.delectable.com.my. the shop's in gardens :D

Justine said...

Andre, haha, no need for sorry!!! Zappity zap!!! :P And yep, GREAT bunch of collegemates! Thanks for coming that day. Had a good time. And I'm sure you did, too...with your 'wife'. =)

Olivia, wowowowowowow!!! Couldn't take my eyes off the cupcake gallery!!! They are even more good-looking!!! Must. Try. One. Day.

Kiki said...

I'm jealous! I wanna watch an orchestra too. Haha. 400? grats!

Justine said...

Hehe. There are many shows every month. Visit the site and check out the events calendar. =)

Yep. 400th post! Thanks! :D