Today, I wore the mask to college because I have the flu and cough. Oy. People were staring but I honestly think that now is not the best time for my collegemates to contract any disease from me (or any other ill people) since the finals will be going on next week. In the meantime, three music projects are due tomorrow and my group members and I only got started on them yesterday. Brilliant.


The Big 6-0

Today, my father turns 60. In five days' time, my brother turns 21. It is amazing how fast time sprints and I thank God for granting my father a young mind, spirit and heart. Age, truly, is just a number. Blessed 60th Birthday, dad. Never lose your coolness.


This and That

Occasionally, I prefer posting about things/events in pictures instead of words. This is one of those occasions.

The mouthwatering cupcakes which were gone in two days.

Can hardly see the picture? Good.

Drawing the measly bolt above took me two excruciating hours.

Awesome bookmark handmade by my cousin sister.

We were talking (Read: gushing) about the movie for a solid ten minutes outside the theatre after the movie ended. Epic.


4 x 100

The week has been marvelous.

On Tuesday, I went to the mall located five minutes away from college with five friends and one cousin as we waited for the other four friends to finish their classes. We bought ice-cream, walked around the mall and went to the toy section just to kill time. When it was time, all eleven of us headed to KLCC to purchase tickets for yet another orchestral performance next Sunday. All of us had to be there with our respective student IDs in order to obtain the student price, which was freakishly cheap considering how good the seats we had booked were. Sweet. We took the train both ways and came back at night. My cousin followed me back home and spent the night over. It had been a while since we last had a sleepover and I am glad we got to spend some time catching up with each other before we crashed in bed. It had truly been a long day...but it was undoubtedly a great one. Cheesy as this may sound, the joy I experienced throughout the day was definitely a first since I stepped into college back in January. For the most part, I enjoyed the company of every single friend there and was beyond glad that my cousin and friend of thirteen years met my amazing bunch of collegemates.

Moving on to less nausea-inducing issues, I got myself Kanye shades called shutters on Thursday which look exactly like this. And since my brother had said that it is only appropriate for clubbing, I will only don it when I go clubbing...which translates to never. Oy. Prior to that, I had an awesome but all too short lunch with the collegemates who went to mall with me on Tuesday.

On Friday, my quadruple attempt to nap failed thanks to the buzzing and/or ringing of my phone.

On Saturday, I went to college for a four-hour replacement Music class. At night, I went out with a friend for a movie and saw a radio DJ at the mall. Odd.

Today, the whole family went to church for Father's Day. I am forever thankful to have two fathers, one on Earth and One in Heaven. After church, we went for lunch at this place we hadn't been to in years, literally. The food was as good as ever. The family as amazing as ever. And my parents came back from the mall today with the most heavenly and good-looking cupcakes (by +wondermilk) I have ever feasted on. I am at peace now. But not really since I had scarfed down five mini cupcakes in a matter of minutes and might have to consume everything sugarless in the next few days. Double oy.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day...just as every other day is these days. And suffice to say, I have begun to love college. Heh.

P/S: This is my 400th post. Celebrated with incredible cupcakes.


The Tooth Subject

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get my teeth x-rayed. I actually had to get it done last year because I had and still have to get my teeth x-rayed annually ever since the epic fall in high school back when I was fourteen. All I have to say is tooth maintenance ain't cheap. And the news I received after the x-ray only exacerbated the issue. I have always had this stunted tooth lodged inside my gum right above my two front teeth. It is not noticeable at all because it is very much located inside my gum, as aforementioned. And it hasn't been giving me any problems...right until now, that is. I will be going for a tooth operation sometime next month which will last for one hour and cost about half my summer semester fee in college. And I will not be sedated but merely have my gum feel numb while the dentist slices my gum open, realizes that he can't find the lonesome tooth, begins to prod my blood-filled jaw for the tooth, hits something hard, says "Aha, I've found it!", plucks the tooth out and stitches my gum shut while blood oozes out everywhere and chokes me. Huh.

And since I am on the delicate topic of teeth, I'd just like to quote the policy of a hilarious friend who aspires to be a dentist: "Pull one tooth, another tooth will be pulled for free."



Yesterday was a fantastic day. Naturally, after having such a nervewrecking day the day before thanks to the drawing homework, the next day had to be nothing but better. I managed to complete the computer lab homework for Engineering Graphics under 90 minutes. I had honestly thought that I was going to camp at the place until midnight to get that done but thankfully, I was wrong. Besides that, I also had a great brunch with awesome collegemates and good friends.

Today, too, was also an exceptionally enjoyable day. It felt really nice catching up with a cherished friend and keeping our thirteen-year friendship intact. Music class today was also remarkably brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant. The lecturer gave us a succinct lesson on languages in general, the intotation of different races and cultures around the world and the proper pronunciation for German and Italian words. And boy did I love every single second of it. After the mini crash course on Languages 101, we proceeded to learn about opera (which was in Italian and German), a genre of music I never thought I'd actually learn to tolerate. And then we were made to sing it. Opera. Unbelievable. It would seem cringe-worthy but believe me, I enjoyed belting out Italian words without the slightest clue if I was doing it right or not. Sweet.

On a side note, some other interesting stuff we have learned in Music so far: How to pull off the generic 'sexy look', How to punch someone perfectly in the face and at the right places, How to say 'Here' in the American, British, Hong Kong, Malaysian Chinese, Native Indian and Malaysian Malay accents and How to say 'Stop/Attention' in German [refer to the title of the post]. Sweet to the power of two.


Drawing Disability

If drawing graphic images -be it by hand or by a computer program- is what my future job as an engineer entails, then I am most definitely in the wrong line.

Sorry. I just had to rant after three solid hours of drawing isometric sketches and mapping out coordinates of a 3D diagram to be drawn using a computer program. These are assignments from my Engineering Graphics class and no words can describe the immense pain and mental torture I went through drawing those simple-looking sketches. I can almost shed a tear or two. But only almost.

Phew. End rant.


An Orchestral Night

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra was, in one word, smashing. And in two words, awesomely smashing. It was my first time attending a concert of the kind and I was brimming with excitement from the moment I set foot into the venue right until somewhere in the middle, where things became a bit too dry until it picked up speed and the ennui died immediately. I have to admit that I was and still am smitten by the harp (and harpist) though there was little play time for the instrument and just about every other instrument drowned out its sound. I now have a strong desire to learn how to play the harp. But actually doing it would be another story.

In a nutshell, I had a tremendous time at the concert and would definitely be attending more of it soon before I am rid of the opportunity. The show ended after about 90 minutes and the audience (me inclusive) applauded for a solid 5 minutes after that. No kidding. Try clapping continuously (and loudly) for even 3 minutes. It is a underrated form of torture. My hands were aching even before the conductor came out for the second time to bow. Finally, after his third get- off- the- stage- while- applause- prolongs- then- get- back- onstage- and- bow, the instrumentalists/musicians finally left the stage and our palms had the privilege of turning red. Sweet.


Blog Revival

When I think about it, this year has been, for lack of a better word, crazy. Absolutely crazy. And it has only been half a year. I have missed a scholarship interview, studied in a co-ed system after 11 years of being in a non-co-ed environment, viewed music in a new light, met David Archuleta in the flesh, flown to another country without parental guidance but with parental consent, had my emotions fluctuate beyond my control, driven with my P license, worked out with (short-lived) discipline, gotten into Honor's List, donned a dress, eaten sandwich and experienced God. And I can say without a doubt that the next six months won't be any different, if not more crazy than it has already been.

I have begun to enjoy Music class lately because truly, my lecturer is one cool woman who has a lifetime of very interesting knowledge and gladly imparts them to her students. Sadly, I don't think I will be under her tutelage for long because something grave has come up. And I am facing an academic dilemma at the moment though I will not worry too much about it until a final decision has been made. God's plan will always prevail and I have nothing to fear.

In other exciting news, I will be attending the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra tonight with a bunch of friends as part of a Music assignment wherein we have to write a performance review. The dress code is full formal and pointless as this may sound, I will be wearing the semi-plaid dress my mother had purchased for me in Australia a short while ago. Oy.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed. -Proverbs 16:3