Two in Two

Uh, I'm still alive. Only barely. Sorry I haven't been blogging much...or at all. The blogger in me completely took a back seat and I had to nudge her today to scoot forward a bit.

Today is the fourth day of my second semester and I am already feeling semi-stressed out even though I only have two subjects this (summer) semester. The two classes are:

Engineering graphics. I am dead meat. The lecturer is the same one I had last semester for another Engineering subject and I am having no problems with that. I only have a huge problem with drawing. Oy.

Music. Mayday! Mayday! This subject requires me (and the rest of my classmates) to memorize the distribution of 100 instruments in an orchestra, parts of the family instruments, techniques of playing the violin family, chronology of the music world since the middle ages until present time, et cetera. And what I've listed only constitutes about 0.1% of the textbook. Double oy.

Moving on from the pathetic chapter of my college plight, I spent the day yesterday at the mall with my collegemates because we hadn't hung out together since the semester began. After the movie, we took a solid fifteen or twenty minutes figuring out where to eat. And there were at least ten eateries surrounding us as we stood in deep thought and contemplated where we should go for dinner.

And moving on from the monotonous chapter of my college life, last weekend was epic. It would take a whole post just to describe how awesome the concert of the year was but I shall save that for another day.


Kiki said...

you take music too?!!

drey said...

Brandenburg is my ringtone! OMG UPDATE!
And turn off that Gregorian chant!
*turns on Gregorian chant*

i am cwayzee with all the stuff goin on D:

Justine said...

Jo Lin, you take Music TOO??? :X I'm taking Music cos it is an elective. Either that or Drama. And no way will I do Drama. :)

Andre, har har har. High 5!!! Okok, will update soon. And calm down la... Take one step at a time and finish what you have to do one at a time. Don't think about all at once and don't panic. Everything will turn out fine, trust me. Rilek je... =)