Today, I cleaned my room and simultaneously updated Twitter since I am lame. The following are the minor updates about how my room-cleaning went:

Willing for today to be a productive day -one that involves room-cleaning- since I will be stuck at home all day.

Replying all my emails now after procrastinating for two lifetimes or so. Aiyaya.

Finally done with all the email replies! Moving on to something ominous next: Cleaning my room.

I shall provide minor updates on my attempt at room-cleaning for the 7832th time.

Huge black rubbish bag has been brought into the room and strategically placed by the door.

I am staring around, wondering which pile to attend to first. And also, getting distracted by this. Oy.

Was on the verge of giving up few seconds into it but pressing on arduously and playing some songs for extra drive.

I have made a little progress by sorting out the strewn college notes and exam papers into files.

Staring hopelessly at my now extra messy room and thinking of good birthday gifts for May babies.

I am baffled at the discovery of owning 13 headbands.

Oh...make that 14. Oy.

Stumbled upon many seemingly trivial yet precious and priceless little cards and notes given to me by the people around me.

Having an unbelievably hard time discarding stuff from my room since they are all for keeps sake. Oh man.

Just threw away a miniature 2004 diary that still looks brand new but is obsolete.

Number of bookmarks found in one drawer: 69. Not as many as the number of books I own though.

My room is like a rubbish dump site...only the rubbish are all invaluable and matter a lot.

Getting slightly annoyed with the immense amount of stuff I can't throw away. Gah.

I think I have enough keychains to complement every single bag my mother owns.

And I just may have enough cards to wish everyone a happy birthday for five years.

I wish I could give the one who stole my phone the help box that came with it but alas, I had to throw it away.

Six McDonald's wristbands with the words 'No Excuses', 'Soar', 'Think Big', 'Fear Not', 'Live Young' and 'Feel Young, Act Young': Discarded.

I can probably save a tree or two with the stash of unwanted paper in my room.

Found a pine cone in one of the drawers.

Finally emptied out two drawers. Eight more to go. Oy.

Found a bookmark dedication I sent. To myself. Several years ago.

What I have accomplished so far: Removed everything from the drawers and placed everything back...with better organization.

Ate a cookie for energy. Back to labor now.

Getting majorly distracted and am putting the room-cleaning on hold for a bit.

Break's over. Back to being semi-productive.

Almost done...almost...almost... Alrighty! Done cleaning my room!

It may have taken four hours and a googillian tweets but I have emerged victorious in the battle against the monster that is my messy room.

My award: A sausage soaked in barbecue sauce. Delicious!

Forgive me for boring you with the above...unless you have fallen asleep before reaching the end.


Kiki said...

Why is there a pine cone?

sam said...

oh it's hilarious.. a sausage as award?? haha..

Justine said...

Kiki, Kayel gave it to me in high school. I have no idea why. Haha.

Sam, hehe, I told my dad I was cleaning my room and he came back with the sausage I like eating. :P