Parts of a Whole

A number of things have happened lately, both good and bad. Thus, this will be yet another post in parts.

The Sad Part: My extended family have, as of today, lost three loved ones to the battle with cancer. I am praying for my aunt to find peace in Him and be assured that God knows, more than anyone of us, what He is doing. God gives, God takes. God's name be ever blessed. -Job 1:21

The Peculiar Part: Today, something uniquely interesting happened. My father had come home from work to check on the clothes he had hung outside the night before when he suddenly yelled to me, "Somebody stole your inner garments!" Only he hadn't said inner garments. I ran to the back and he looked at me with a grim and serious expression. And then I saw that indeed, the clothing items were gone. A nanosecond later, I bursted out laughing until my sides ached. An hour later, I was still laughing hysterically and choked on the beverage I was drinking and then I stopped laughing when coughing fits ensued.

The Good Part: The results of my first semester finals were posted two days ago. I was having a nap when a friend informed me about it. I jumped out of bed, nervously logged on to the student portal and waited with bated breath for the results to show on the screen. And then breathed a sigh of relief. And gratitude. Praise God for the opportunity to glorify His name. Although I didn't get a 4.00 CGPA, I am immensely thankful with the results I truly didn't earn. And as if that wasn't enough of a great news, I got another pleasant surprise the next day as a friend and I went to college to collect our college transcripts. We then met up with four other friends to celebrate at the mall. Which brings me to the next part.

The Fun Part: Five collegemates and I went to watch two movies since we had been living in utter ennui since the last time we had hung out together. Both movies were action-packed and very well worth the money spent. And I had an especially good time catching up with good friends after a long time.

The Yellow Part: I now have developed a new fear: The fear of turning yellow. I mean, the fear of having my skin turn yellow. I have been consuming a lot of papaya for the past few days that the possibility of turning yellow is very high since orange foods yellow the skin. When my father went to stock up on the supply of fruits, the first thing that flew out of my mouth was, "No papayas." Thankfully, he nodded even though he didn't believe me when I told him about the problem I may have to face. I had also told him before that when he refused to listen to me, "I am about to turn yellow!" And I actually meant it. It has now become a serious issue that I can no longer laugh about it. Much.

The Driving Part: Tomorrow, I will be driving for the fifth time. My father will be riding shotgun as I drive to the city to pick up my cousins and then head to the mall. I am looking forward to spending the day with my cousins as well as driving though, as always, I fear for the safety of the passengers in the car.

The Aberrant Part: I have been sleeping at odd hours since the holidays began and my body clock has been messed up quite a bit. The earliest I have gone to bed so far is 2AM; and the latest being 6AM. I had to get up at 8AM one day and then I went back to my truncated sleep at 12PM in the afternoon, woke up at 5PM and started my day in the evening. And only hit the sack at 4AM. Oy.

The Worst Part: Lately, I have been doing very fine emotionally, physically and mentally (I hope)...except the most important one: spiritually. Many things have distracted me and my priorities and I am well aware that my relationship with my Father in Heaven has been strained. I pray that with each new day that comes, I commit my life and my decisions into His hands. And not be easily tempted nor deceived by the things of the world. Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a faithful spirit within me. -Psalm 51:10


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Sorry to hear about your aunt.

Justine said...

Elisa: Helloooo!!! :D

Tim: Thank you. :) My uncle left us in the morning on the day before yesterday.