Cousin Outings

This week is my last week of semester break and I am slowly, but surely, adjusting my body clock back to the way it was.

Today was yet another mundane day although I had a great weekend with my cousins. On both Saturday and Sunday, I drove to pick up my cousins while my father rode shotgun and we all hit the mall.

During those two cousin outings, we watched an awesome movie, visited the bookstore, bought gifts, ate American food, caught up with each other and held on to dear life while I drove. Although what we did seemed simple enough, I was incredibly thankful and glad that we got to spend invaluable time with each other because cousin outings are, hands-down, the best. And special thanks goes out to my cousin sister for always making time to hear my ridiculous plights. I offer my lifetime service as a cousin, friend and confidant in return.

In other news, my brother asked me a question two days ago that just about sent me into mild hysteria. "Which one did you say was your toothbrush again?" he asked innocently. Our toothbrushes were replaced with new ones several days ago and I had told him to use the green one while I would use the orange one. Of course, that little piece of instruction fell on deaf ears. "Orange," I deadpanned because I knew what was about to come. "Oh. Oops," my brother said. And that was when I charged for his throat. At least, in my head. Outside of my head, I screamed a tad too loud considering he was about three feet away from me and spat, "OK. From now on, you stick with the orange one and I shall use the green one."

And in other less horrific news, I was pleasantly surprised when someone conceded to me that she had cried while reading one of my writings. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it very much. Makes staying up all night writing it more worthwhile than I thought it would be.

And just to let out a final rant: I cannot believe the rut I am in right now. It is mind-boggling and terribly undesired. But I choose to ignore it (for now). Or sprint a thousand miles in the other direction if and when the problem comes looking for me again.

P/S: Detailed account of Saturday and Sunday as told by my cousin sister.


elisa. said...

you're most welcome. ;)
& I looooooooove the tribal bands we're both so crazy about now. How co-incidental, crazy about the same thing at the same time. =)

Justine said...

Haha. Then it's true, we ARE cousin sisters! :D

Danny said...

What was the American food? I didn't know such a thing was in existance.

Olivia NLC said...

JUSTINE! Where are you?! D: Haven't seen you since semester started.

Justine said...

Danny: Oh. The place was called New York Deli and everything was in American portion and from America (I presume)...so...yah. Should've referred to it as Western food though. Heheh. Sorry, my bad. :)

Olivia: Olivia!!! Haven't seen you since...last semester! Aiyaya! What's your schedule like? Mine's as follows (har har):

Monday: 8-10AM, 11-1PM
Tuesday: 8-10AM
Wednesday: 11-1PM
Thursday: 8-10AM
Friday: 8-10AM, 11-1PM

Olivia NLC said...

OH OH!! mine's:

Monday - 10-2PM
Tues - 12-2PM
Wed - 10-12PM
Thurs - 12-2PM
Fri - 10-12PM

Justine said...

I actually took out a piece of paper, drew a timetable and filled in our names according to the class time. And ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing matches!!!!!! :( :( :( How? Aiyaya.

Olivia NLC said...

GAHH!! nothing matches! unless thurs at 10! how? :D

Justine said...

CAN CAN CAN!!! But you don't mind going so early...? :S