Two in Two

Uh, I'm still alive. Only barely. Sorry I haven't been blogging much...or at all. The blogger in me completely took a back seat and I had to nudge her today to scoot forward a bit.

Today is the fourth day of my second semester and I am already feeling semi-stressed out even though I only have two subjects this (summer) semester. The two classes are:

Engineering graphics. I am dead meat. The lecturer is the same one I had last semester for another Engineering subject and I am having no problems with that. I only have a huge problem with drawing. Oy.

Music. Mayday! Mayday! This subject requires me (and the rest of my classmates) to memorize the distribution of 100 instruments in an orchestra, parts of the family instruments, techniques of playing the violin family, chronology of the music world since the middle ages until present time, et cetera. And what I've listed only constitutes about 0.1% of the textbook. Double oy.

Moving on from the pathetic chapter of my college plight, I spent the day yesterday at the mall with my collegemates because we hadn't hung out together since the semester began. After the movie, we took a solid fifteen or twenty minutes figuring out where to eat. And there were at least ten eateries surrounding us as we stood in deep thought and contemplated where we should go for dinner.

And moving on from the monotonous chapter of my college life, last weekend was epic. It would take a whole post just to describe how awesome the concert of the year was but I shall save that for another day.


Cousin Outings

This week is my last week of semester break and I am slowly, but surely, adjusting my body clock back to the way it was.

Today was yet another mundane day although I had a great weekend with my cousins. On both Saturday and Sunday, I drove to pick up my cousins while my father rode shotgun and we all hit the mall.

During those two cousin outings, we watched an awesome movie, visited the bookstore, bought gifts, ate American food, caught up with each other and held on to dear life while I drove. Although what we did seemed simple enough, I was incredibly thankful and glad that we got to spend invaluable time with each other because cousin outings are, hands-down, the best. And special thanks goes out to my cousin sister for always making time to hear my ridiculous plights. I offer my lifetime service as a cousin, friend and confidant in return.

In other news, my brother asked me a question two days ago that just about sent me into mild hysteria. "Which one did you say was your toothbrush again?" he asked innocently. Our toothbrushes were replaced with new ones several days ago and I had told him to use the green one while I would use the orange one. Of course, that little piece of instruction fell on deaf ears. "Orange," I deadpanned because I knew what was about to come. "Oh. Oops," my brother said. And that was when I charged for his throat. At least, in my head. Outside of my head, I screamed a tad too loud considering he was about three feet away from me and spat, "OK. From now on, you stick with the orange one and I shall use the green one."

And in other less horrific news, I was pleasantly surprised when someone conceded to me that she had cried while reading one of my writings. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it very much. Makes staying up all night writing it more worthwhile than I thought it would be.

And just to let out a final rant: I cannot believe the rut I am in right now. It is mind-boggling and terribly undesired. But I choose to ignore it (for now). Or sprint a thousand miles in the other direction if and when the problem comes looking for me again.

P/S: Detailed account of Saturday and Sunday as told by my cousin sister.


Parts of a Whole

A number of things have happened lately, both good and bad. Thus, this will be yet another post in parts.

The Sad Part: My extended family have, as of today, lost three loved ones to the battle with cancer. I am praying for my aunt to find peace in Him and be assured that God knows, more than anyone of us, what He is doing. God gives, God takes. God's name be ever blessed. -Job 1:21

The Peculiar Part: Today, something uniquely interesting happened. My father had come home from work to check on the clothes he had hung outside the night before when he suddenly yelled to me, "Somebody stole your inner garments!" Only he hadn't said inner garments. I ran to the back and he looked at me with a grim and serious expression. And then I saw that indeed, the clothing items were gone. A nanosecond later, I bursted out laughing until my sides ached. An hour later, I was still laughing hysterically and choked on the beverage I was drinking and then I stopped laughing when coughing fits ensued.

The Good Part: The results of my first semester finals were posted two days ago. I was having a nap when a friend informed me about it. I jumped out of bed, nervously logged on to the student portal and waited with bated breath for the results to show on the screen. And then breathed a sigh of relief. And gratitude. Praise God for the opportunity to glorify His name. Although I didn't get a 4.00 CGPA, I am immensely thankful with the results I truly didn't earn. And as if that wasn't enough of a great news, I got another pleasant surprise the next day as a friend and I went to college to collect our college transcripts. We then met up with four other friends to celebrate at the mall. Which brings me to the next part.

The Fun Part: Five collegemates and I went to watch two movies since we had been living in utter ennui since the last time we had hung out together. Both movies were action-packed and very well worth the money spent. And I had an especially good time catching up with good friends after a long time.

The Yellow Part: I now have developed a new fear: The fear of turning yellow. I mean, the fear of having my skin turn yellow. I have been consuming a lot of papaya for the past few days that the possibility of turning yellow is very high since orange foods yellow the skin. When my father went to stock up on the supply of fruits, the first thing that flew out of my mouth was, "No papayas." Thankfully, he nodded even though he didn't believe me when I told him about the problem I may have to face. I had also told him before that when he refused to listen to me, "I am about to turn yellow!" And I actually meant it. It has now become a serious issue that I can no longer laugh about it. Much.

The Driving Part: Tomorrow, I will be driving for the fifth time. My father will be riding shotgun as I drive to the city to pick up my cousins and then head to the mall. I am looking forward to spending the day with my cousins as well as driving though, as always, I fear for the safety of the passengers in the car.

The Aberrant Part: I have been sleeping at odd hours since the holidays began and my body clock has been messed up quite a bit. The earliest I have gone to bed so far is 2AM; and the latest being 6AM. I had to get up at 8AM one day and then I went back to my truncated sleep at 12PM in the afternoon, woke up at 5PM and started my day in the evening. And only hit the sack at 4AM. Oy.

The Worst Part: Lately, I have been doing very fine emotionally, physically and mentally (I hope)...except the most important one: spiritually. Many things have distracted me and my priorities and I am well aware that my relationship with my Father in Heaven has been strained. I pray that with each new day that comes, I commit my life and my decisions into His hands. And not be easily tempted nor deceived by the things of the world. Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a faithful spirit within me. -Psalm 51:10



Today, I cleaned my room and simultaneously updated Twitter since I am lame. The following are the minor updates about how my room-cleaning went:

Willing for today to be a productive day -one that involves room-cleaning- since I will be stuck at home all day.

Replying all my emails now after procrastinating for two lifetimes or so. Aiyaya.

Finally done with all the email replies! Moving on to something ominous next: Cleaning my room.

I shall provide minor updates on my attempt at room-cleaning for the 7832th time.

Huge black rubbish bag has been brought into the room and strategically placed by the door.

I am staring around, wondering which pile to attend to first. And also, getting distracted by this. Oy.

Was on the verge of giving up few seconds into it but pressing on arduously and playing some songs for extra drive.

I have made a little progress by sorting out the strewn college notes and exam papers into files.

Staring hopelessly at my now extra messy room and thinking of good birthday gifts for May babies.

I am baffled at the discovery of owning 13 headbands.

Oh...make that 14. Oy.

Stumbled upon many seemingly trivial yet precious and priceless little cards and notes given to me by the people around me.

Having an unbelievably hard time discarding stuff from my room since they are all for keeps sake. Oh man.

Just threw away a miniature 2004 diary that still looks brand new but is obsolete.

Number of bookmarks found in one drawer: 69. Not as many as the number of books I own though.

My room is like a rubbish dump site...only the rubbish are all invaluable and matter a lot.

Getting slightly annoyed with the immense amount of stuff I can't throw away. Gah.

I think I have enough keychains to complement every single bag my mother owns.

And I just may have enough cards to wish everyone a happy birthday for five years.

I wish I could give the one who stole my phone the help box that came with it but alas, I had to throw it away.

Six McDonald's wristbands with the words 'No Excuses', 'Soar', 'Think Big', 'Fear Not', 'Live Young' and 'Feel Young, Act Young': Discarded.

I can probably save a tree or two with the stash of unwanted paper in my room.

Found a pine cone in one of the drawers.

Finally emptied out two drawers. Eight more to go. Oy.

Found a bookmark dedication I sent. To myself. Several years ago.

What I have accomplished so far: Removed everything from the drawers and placed everything back...with better organization.

Ate a cookie for energy. Back to labor now.

Getting majorly distracted and am putting the room-cleaning on hold for a bit.

Break's over. Back to being semi-productive.

Almost done...almost...almost... Alrighty! Done cleaning my room!

It may have taken four hours and a googillian tweets but I have emerged victorious in the battle against the monster that is my messy room.

My award: A sausage soaked in barbecue sauce. Delicious!

Forgive me for boring you with the above...unless you have fallen asleep before reaching the end.


Too Much Food

Today was a food-filled day. I had Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Western for lunch since it was a six-course lunch meal. Then I had Malaysian for dinner. I was eating many types of food for the first time today and can't help feeling very blessed.

I was feeling stuffed for the past two hours and am still feeling stuffed now. And a little sick.