Week of Firsts

The week has been unbelievably tiresome but oddly fantastic (to me). The week has also been a week of many firsts. It was my first time:

- Singing in front of a crowd (of college students). It was for the sake of winning showcase passes for my mother and a friend, but I didn't win them in the end. The day no longer exists in my memory.

- Wearing a formal dress, with formal pants (for convenience's sake since the formal dress was a bit short in length. Note that I am internally cringing as I type this).

- Wearing a floral dress. Without pants. (Note that I am outwardly cringing as I type this.)

- Wearing a floral dress with a lab coat and a Santa hat and a pair of shades. Simultaneously. (Note that I have passed out but am still able to type this, somehow.)

- Passing my driving test. Shockingly. I nearly drove into a pole and the car died as I drove at the roundabout. But God had truly blessed me with a gracious examiner.

- Missing. A. Scholarship. Interview. Inadvertently.

- Praying for someone and laid my hand on said someone. A new experience. And hopefully the first of many more.

- Missing an assignment deadline. I scurried to complete it while the class had already begun, did the most horrible presentation of the semester and was told, "Well done." by the lecturer. I think my confusion showed on my face as I went back to my seat.

- Fasting a whole month on a certain type of food. And it was not an easy feat but I did it. I just had to work on doing it for the right reasons.

- Culling apples because of their redness. It was part of the student council campaign and the situation was bizarre. Enough said.

- Taking a picture while being midair.

- Willingly going to the gym. With my mother.

- Taking an uninterrupted 4-hour nap.

- Having a Cell Group at my house.

- Correcting a college lecturer and being told, “You are right.” and “Thank you for correcting me.” I have been feeling mighty guilty for the past 4 hours. And utterly foolish.


Kiki said...

have u been working out?

Anonymous said...

Hahah. Well. You'd assume going to the gym would entail some form of work out. Feel the burn. 1. 2. Smile ladies!


Justine said...

Kiki: Haha. What a question. Nope. I worked out. Note the past tense. Hahaha. :D

Azngeek: The iPod is a good tool to bring to the gym. Haha.