The Happy Ending

Yesterday was the last day of my finals -though not technically since I have one more minor paper to go tomorrow. The ENGR196 paper was pretty OK, and CHEM105 was surprisingly do-able while MATH171 slayed me. Since the Calculus paper was the last one, it wasn't a good way to end the finals. So a trip to the mall and a chilling-out session was called for.

Right after the last and most horrendous paper concluded, four friends and I headed to the mall to catch a movie. It was a comedy and was just the thing we needed to alleviate the exam stress that still accompanied us long after the final paper ended. Post-movie, we met up with 10 other collegemates to hand them the tickets to the horror movie I had purchased in advance for them. While they were in the cinema, I hung out at the mall with three dudes -from college- who, oddly, are afraid of horror movies and love shopping. And I mean, all three of them. Oy. Needless to say, I was always the last person walking in the group and merely followed wherever they went. Because if there's one thing I love, it's not shopping. (No irony at all here. Really. None whatsoever.) Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time doing absolutely nothing because I haven't been doing absolutely nothing in a while.

After a few (pleasant) eternities, we went to have a drink at Starbucks. A while later, the bunch of friends who were watching the horror movie came out and we left for dinner. All twenty-something of us. In seven cars. The eatery we went to was jam-packed when we arrived; taking up the walkway in front of about five stores both on the left and on the right of it. (The other stores were closed as it was pretty late at night.) They finally had to set up six tables at the other block to fit all twenty-three -I had counted- of us. Unbelievable. The food was great but the company was especially great.

I reached home around 11.30PM, had a good hot shower and crashed in bed before midnight.

'Twas the story of the end of my semester. Good times.

And now I am looking forward to the three weeks of semester break lying ahead of me -tasting sweet and seeming very promising.

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