Fun Times

Today was a highly interesting day. I woke up early and went to a friend's house. We both left for the mall, picked up two other friends on the way there and met up with three other friends at the mall. The plan for the day was ice-skating. And that was just what we did for about three hours. Well, technically, I skated for an hour and a half since my right foot was about to fall off thanks to the frighteningly tight ice skates I had on. I had vivid mental flashes in my head of what a total disaster I'd be on the ice rink. Thankfully, those images didn't materialize. I didn't fall once and even managed to skate without support at the most dangerous part of the ice rink -right in the middle. Freaky. I had only skated (terribly) thrice before this and that was back when I still had anger management problems. And during those three horrific times, I had never attempted to even move three feet away from the wall of the ice rink. Glad to know I have made a little progress at the sport.

I met up with my mother at another mall after that and bought a pair of walking shoes, a pair of casual shoes and two t-shirts. Besides that, my brother finally got me a mouse for my laptop. Awesome. My brother also got a new camcorder today for the trip I am making soon. And, of course, for future use. Double awesome.

My brother and I, for some odd reason, decided to head out for supper at twenty minutes to midnight. Before we left, my brother waited for me to come out of the washroom with the camcorder and then proceeded to give me the fright of my life...or so he thought. I disappointed him by giving him an annoyed look instead of a terrified one since screaming isn't one of my reflexes. My bad.

Today was a good day and it was time spent well with my friends from college and with my family. However, the expenditure for today was exceedingly high since a pair of gloves (for ice-skating), two pairs of shoes, two t-shirts, a computer mouse and a camcorder were purchased today. And not to mention the money change for the trip. Oy.

Today's level-o-productivity: 6.5/5

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