Dull Post #835

After several months of perpetual college labor, being devoid of any college workload now is perplexing. And disturbing. I have been anything but productive for the past two days and am not warming up to the feeling just yet. I can't imagine doing nothing for three weeks. But then again, I am not doing exactly nothing for three weeks. I have conceived a succinct and temporary to-do list for my semester break:

1. Learn to brake (Soon.)
2. Touch a storybook for more than 2 seconds (Read a book; and counting. Purchased two books today. Done.)
3. Fly (Soon.)
4. Eat popcorn (Done.)
5. Create another to-do list once this is done with (Very soon.)

P/S: I can't seem to get the blogging juices in my head flowing. I apologize for the monotonous posts lately. The blogger -or so it seems- in me has been in oblivion for far too long.


Anonymous said...

haha hullo Justine !!!
Nicole here

I found yoooh :D

head over and see what I linked you as . . . I think you`d be pleased haha

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan :)


Justine said...

Nicole!!! Helloooooooooo! Thanks for dropping by! Hehe. :D

Azngeek, bad plans. Haha.