Double Dosage

I think I may have lost all the ability to blog in paragraphs by now but I will try give it a shot. A couple of noteworthy things have happened lately -both yesterday and today.

I had the best and, unfortunately, last Engineering computer lab class yesterday. The dry-witted lecturer introduced us to an interesting function of the MATLAB program we were exploring this semester: Graphical User Interface. As trivial and insignificant as this may sound, we created push buttons. And I had the greatest time doing it. The following are screencaps of the push buttons I had created for your amusement...or bemusement:

My Big Blue Button and The Click-if-you're-funny Button

I had a fun time clicking the button exactly 1000 times, pointless as it may have been.

I must've clicked this button unconsciously a decade ago.

My freshly-laminated P license arrived at the house yesterday as well. Next to the push buttons, it was the most beautiful thing my eyes had laid on all day yesterday. I was itching to drive but couldn't as I had some college labor to attend to. Which brings me to today...

I drove. I drove an auto car for the first time all the way back from college. I had initially declined to drive as my parents had yet to adhere the P car sticker on the windscreen but my brother kept insisting and I reluctantly gave in with a heavy heart. (Note: Sarcasm overdose here.) My brother and I soon discovered that in addition to my problem with parking, I now also have a problem with braking. I didn't know how to brake in the right manner and had my brother screaming in my ear whenever I swerved at a junction. And whenever I braked -say, never- everything in the backseat flew and landed on the floor of the car. Undoubtedly, we were both in grave danger but survived to tell the tale.

Another major event -besides my fantastic driving experience- which happened today was the student council elections. The voting polls were opened yesterday and closed this afternoon. The voting count was carried out immediately thereafter and I had the opportunity to witness the party I belong to, KOMRADS, lose and celebrate the defeat graciously with the rest of my comrades. I take my hat off to the party which rightfully won the elections and wish them the very best. The student council campaigning was definitely a worthwhile experience and there is no value to every great and not-so-great thing we have gained from it.

In other news, I might be driving to the airport tomorrow. Passengers: Mother, brother, cousin sister and friend. I feel the pressure. And uncontainable excitement.


Anonymous said...

Matlab is awesome ain't it?

Justine said...

Hehe. Yes! You use it, too?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's quite the useful tool


Fo0n Yo0ng said...

i understand the feeling of getting yelled while driving.. my mum does it ALL the time... hahahaha.. congrats for passing the exam...

Justine said...

Haha. Your mom? My mom doesn't even wanna be in the car when I drive! Which means I haven't driven much. :S

Thank you. :)