Better Than Nothing

Yesterday, I decided to log in to the student portal to check if any assignment or exam results were posted and lo and behold, they were. Although the final grades for all my four core papers are still undisclosed, it was such a relief to discover that I passed the Moral Education paper (PHIL 130) required by the government. I was honestly expecting to fail the paper simply because everybody kept talking about how easy it was to pass since it doesn't contribute to the students' CGPA at all. But I passed. And now I am rid of it forever. Praise God.

Today, I went back to college to attend the scholarship award ceremony. There were more than three hundred scholarship recipients in attendance. And out of that three-hundred-and-something students, five (dudes) were named Justin. Oy.

I drove on the way back after my brother gave me the green light -pun not intended- and it was my third time driving after obtaining my P license. (My mother still refuses to be alone in the car with me as the driver and I cannot blame her. I wouldn't want to be my own passenger either.) Needless to say, I drove rather unceremoniously since I had an immense amount of experience being behind the wheel. I am only happy to report that I have now increased the brake usage and we both got home in one piece.

Today's level-o-productivity: 3.5/5

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