Fun Times

Today was a highly interesting day. I woke up early and went to a friend's house. We both left for the mall, picked up two other friends on the way there and met up with three other friends at the mall. The plan for the day was ice-skating. And that was just what we did for about three hours. Well, technically, I skated for an hour and a half since my right foot was about to fall off thanks to the frighteningly tight ice skates I had on. I had vivid mental flashes in my head of what a total disaster I'd be on the ice rink. Thankfully, those images didn't materialize. I didn't fall once and even managed to skate without support at the most dangerous part of the ice rink -right in the middle. Freaky. I had only skated (terribly) thrice before this and that was back when I still had anger management problems. And during those three horrific times, I had never attempted to even move three feet away from the wall of the ice rink. Glad to know I have made a little progress at the sport.

I met up with my mother at another mall after that and bought a pair of walking shoes, a pair of casual shoes and two t-shirts. Besides that, my brother finally got me a mouse for my laptop. Awesome. My brother also got a new camcorder today for the trip I am making soon. And, of course, for future use. Double awesome.

My brother and I, for some odd reason, decided to head out for supper at twenty minutes to midnight. Before we left, my brother waited for me to come out of the washroom with the camcorder and then proceeded to give me the fright of my life...or so he thought. I disappointed him by giving him an annoyed look instead of a terrified one since screaming isn't one of my reflexes. My bad.

Today was a good day and it was time spent well with my friends from college and with my family. However, the expenditure for today was exceedingly high since a pair of gloves (for ice-skating), two pairs of shoes, two t-shirts, a computer mouse and a camcorder were purchased today. And not to mention the money change for the trip. Oy.

Today's level-o-productivity: 6.5/5


Better Than Nothing

Yesterday, I decided to log in to the student portal to check if any assignment or exam results were posted and lo and behold, they were. Although the final grades for all my four core papers are still undisclosed, it was such a relief to discover that I passed the Moral Education paper (PHIL 130) required by the government. I was honestly expecting to fail the paper simply because everybody kept talking about how easy it was to pass since it doesn't contribute to the students' CGPA at all. But I passed. And now I am rid of it forever. Praise God.

Today, I went back to college to attend the scholarship award ceremony. There were more than three hundred scholarship recipients in attendance. And out of that three-hundred-and-something students, five (dudes) were named Justin. Oy.

I drove on the way back after my brother gave me the green light -pun not intended- and it was my third time driving after obtaining my P license. (My mother still refuses to be alone in the car with me as the driver and I cannot blame her. I wouldn't want to be my own passenger either.) Needless to say, I drove rather unceremoniously since I had an immense amount of experience being behind the wheel. I am only happy to report that I have now increased the brake usage and we both got home in one piece.

Today's level-o-productivity: 3.5/5


Failed Plans

Today has been both productive and unproductive. Productive because I sat myself down and tried to come up with a list of things to do for the holidays. Unproductive because all I came up with was "clean my room" and...well, I think that's about it. After having almost no time to do a gazillion things in college, having all the time in the world now and nothing to do is killing me.

In other news, I will be going to college tomorrow for a scholarship award ceremony. And after that, it's back to utter ennui. Or, maybe, room-cleaning.


Dull Post #835

After several months of perpetual college labor, being devoid of any college workload now is perplexing. And disturbing. I have been anything but productive for the past two days and am not warming up to the feeling just yet. I can't imagine doing nothing for three weeks. But then again, I am not doing exactly nothing for three weeks. I have conceived a succinct and temporary to-do list for my semester break:

1. Learn to brake (Soon.)
2. Touch a storybook for more than 2 seconds (Read a book; and counting. Purchased two books today. Done.)
3. Fly (Soon.)
4. Eat popcorn (Done.)
5. Create another to-do list once this is done with (Very soon.)

P/S: I can't seem to get the blogging juices in my head flowing. I apologize for the monotonous posts lately. The blogger -or so it seems- in me has been in oblivion for far too long.



Finals officially ended yesterday. After almost three months of non-reading, I finally had the blissful opportunity to read a storybook yesterday and finished it in one sitting. And I have a hunch all I'll be doing for the next three weeks is just that -reading. And some other stuff. Exciting stuff.


The Happy Ending

Yesterday was the last day of my finals -though not technically since I have one more minor paper to go tomorrow. The ENGR196 paper was pretty OK, and CHEM105 was surprisingly do-able while MATH171 slayed me. Since the Calculus paper was the last one, it wasn't a good way to end the finals. So a trip to the mall and a chilling-out session was called for.

Right after the last and most horrendous paper concluded, four friends and I headed to the mall to catch a movie. It was a comedy and was just the thing we needed to alleviate the exam stress that still accompanied us long after the final paper ended. Post-movie, we met up with 10 other collegemates to hand them the tickets to the horror movie I had purchased in advance for them. While they were in the cinema, I hung out at the mall with three dudes -from college- who, oddly, are afraid of horror movies and love shopping. And I mean, all three of them. Oy. Needless to say, I was always the last person walking in the group and merely followed wherever they went. Because if there's one thing I love, it's not shopping. (No irony at all here. Really. None whatsoever.) Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time doing absolutely nothing because I haven't been doing absolutely nothing in a while.

After a few (pleasant) eternities, we went to have a drink at Starbucks. A while later, the bunch of friends who were watching the horror movie came out and we left for dinner. All twenty-something of us. In seven cars. The eatery we went to was jam-packed when we arrived; taking up the walkway in front of about five stores both on the left and on the right of it. (The other stores were closed as it was pretty late at night.) They finally had to set up six tables at the other block to fit all twenty-three -I had counted- of us. Unbelievable. The food was great but the company was especially great.

I reached home around 11.30PM, had a good hot shower and crashed in bed before midnight.

'Twas the story of the end of my semester. Good times.

And now I am looking forward to the three weeks of semester break lying ahead of me -tasting sweet and seeming very promising.



I marvel at how fast time flies for the 32489739th time.

Yesterday was my last day of the whole semester since my finals begin next week. Three and a half months have passed by in the blink of an eye. I still remember rather vividly how out of place I felt when I first started college. Amazingly, I have grown to enjoy college and don't miss high school as much anymore. And God was present with me through every college dilemma I had. Praise Him.

And speaking of high school, I went to my ex-high school for the last time today for the prize-giving ceremony. The dress code was formal but considering the outlandish attires I've donned to college before this, it wasn't so bad. I received two awards and give thanks to Him. And accepted the fact that I am actually not a bright student since college has taught me, among many other things, that I am lacking in a lot of mental capacity. Oy.

And last but not least, it has been a week since the best two days of my life. I have told the story exactly 7 times now. And I am ready to tell it to anyone who is willing to listen and spare 30 minutes. No kidding.



I was wrong when I said that last Friday -April 10th, Good Friday- was going to be one of the best days of my life. Because the day after that -Saturday, April 11th- was, somehow, the best day of my adolescence, with Friday coming in extremely close at second spot. Everything is still fresh and etched in my memory. What. An. Experience.

But more later. My finals begin next week and what happened over the weekend has become a form of distraction. Permanently.



Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of my life as I watch my dream become realized. I am still in a daze after last night and my excitement and joy are about to burst anytime soon. I still cannot believe this is really happening even after witnessing him in the flesh. Revising for my Calculus test now as I attempt to calm the jitters a bit.







Double Dosage

I think I may have lost all the ability to blog in paragraphs by now but I will try give it a shot. A couple of noteworthy things have happened lately -both yesterday and today.

I had the best and, unfortunately, last Engineering computer lab class yesterday. The dry-witted lecturer introduced us to an interesting function of the MATLAB program we were exploring this semester: Graphical User Interface. As trivial and insignificant as this may sound, we created push buttons. And I had the greatest time doing it. The following are screencaps of the push buttons I had created for your amusement...or bemusement:

My Big Blue Button and The Click-if-you're-funny Button

I had a fun time clicking the button exactly 1000 times, pointless as it may have been.

I must've clicked this button unconsciously a decade ago.

My freshly-laminated P license arrived at the house yesterday as well. Next to the push buttons, it was the most beautiful thing my eyes had laid on all day yesterday. I was itching to drive but couldn't as I had some college labor to attend to. Which brings me to today...

I drove. I drove an auto car for the first time all the way back from college. I had initially declined to drive as my parents had yet to adhere the P car sticker on the windscreen but my brother kept insisting and I reluctantly gave in with a heavy heart. (Note: Sarcasm overdose here.) My brother and I soon discovered that in addition to my problem with parking, I now also have a problem with braking. I didn't know how to brake in the right manner and had my brother screaming in my ear whenever I swerved at a junction. And whenever I braked -say, never- everything in the backseat flew and landed on the floor of the car. Undoubtedly, we were both in grave danger but survived to tell the tale.

Another major event -besides my fantastic driving experience- which happened today was the student council elections. The voting polls were opened yesterday and closed this afternoon. The voting count was carried out immediately thereafter and I had the opportunity to witness the party I belong to, KOMRADS, lose and celebrate the defeat graciously with the rest of my comrades. I take my hat off to the party which rightfully won the elections and wish them the very best. The student council campaigning was definitely a worthwhile experience and there is no value to every great and not-so-great thing we have gained from it.

In other news, I might be driving to the airport tomorrow. Passengers: Mother, brother, cousin sister and friend. I feel the pressure. And uncontainable excitement.


Week of Firsts

The week has been unbelievably tiresome but oddly fantastic (to me). The week has also been a week of many firsts. It was my first time:

- Singing in front of a crowd (of college students). It was for the sake of winning showcase passes for my mother and a friend, but I didn't win them in the end. The day no longer exists in my memory.

- Wearing a formal dress, with formal pants (for convenience's sake since the formal dress was a bit short in length. Note that I am internally cringing as I type this).

- Wearing a floral dress. Without pants. (Note that I am outwardly cringing as I type this.)

- Wearing a floral dress with a lab coat and a Santa hat and a pair of shades. Simultaneously. (Note that I have passed out but am still able to type this, somehow.)

- Passing my driving test. Shockingly. I nearly drove into a pole and the car died as I drove at the roundabout. But God had truly blessed me with a gracious examiner.

- Missing. A. Scholarship. Interview. Inadvertently.

- Praying for someone and laid my hand on said someone. A new experience. And hopefully the first of many more.

- Missing an assignment deadline. I scurried to complete it while the class had already begun, did the most horrible presentation of the semester and was told, "Well done." by the lecturer. I think my confusion showed on my face as I went back to my seat.

- Fasting a whole month on a certain type of food. And it was not an easy feat but I did it. I just had to work on doing it for the right reasons.

- Culling apples because of their redness. It was part of the student council campaign and the situation was bizarre. Enough said.

- Taking a picture while being midair.

- Willingly going to the gym. With my mother.

- Taking an uninterrupted 4-hour nap.

- Having a Cell Group at my house.

- Correcting a college lecturer and being told, “You are right.” and “Thank you for correcting me.” I have been feeling mighty guilty for the past 4 hours. And utterly foolish.