Good Day

Today has been a brilliant day, especially after losing a googillian brain cells yesterday over a stress-inducing issue that's college-bred. I woke up this morning feeling completely at bliss because my mother and brother were finally back in the country. After picking them up from the airport, we went for breakfast. It was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had in a while...partly because I usually skip breakfast entirely and partly because there was the presence of good food and above all, good company.

When we got back home, my mother showed me the fantastically cool shirts she had purchased for me from the land down under and my brother gave me something precious which he had gotten during the limited time he had spent at the mall there since he had to accompany a family member at the hospital almost all the time. I am grateful. And I feel very blessed. And even though my brother has been doing some 21-year-old stuff lately and I feel like smacking him in the head most of the time for no apparent reason whatsoever, I am thankful that I have him as my brother.

And now please excuse me while I head to the washroom to retch due to the extreme mushiness of this post.

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