Flash Updates

- A friend and I celebrated the 18th birthday of a great friend of ours yesterday by treating her for dinner at a pretty posh eatery and a movie.
- My right leg was incapable of movement yesterday. I thought I tore my hamstring due to my active participation in sports. But alas, it was just a really excruciating muscle strain.
- A Calculus question actually took a whole lesson (an hour) to be deciphered and yet remains unsolved even though many brains -excluding my dormant brain during that unearthly hour- were combined and the Calculus lecturer even tried to solve it but to no avail. Unbelievable.
- I will be talking in a really weird manner over the next few days.
- My dream will actually be realised soon. I am bursting with joy. But I cannot express it properly as this is a first.
- More explanation soon.

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