D-Day (Literally)

The day of the revelation of the SPM examination results was two days ago. I only went to collect my results several hours after they were released as I had college classes on that day. I think I lost count of the number of missed calls and text messages I received from concerned (and curious) ones all morning so I sent a bulk message to two handfuls of people the minute I got my hands on the result slip. My family and friends and teachers congratulated me and I grinned until my jaw hurt.

The end.

Ha-ha. Just kidding.

Flashing back to the second my searching eyes landed on that small piece of ominous paper: I was feeling apathetic all day as I found no reason to get worked up over something that had passed. God had taken over now. I did my best and there was nothing to worry about. Finally, the moment came and I saw it:

Snapshot #1. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

Snapshot #2. And no again, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

I would've liked to say that the grade D caught me by surprise and I broke down weeping like a loony and decided to run in front of a speeding car...but I couldn't find a reason not to rejoice. In all honesty, I did better than I thought I would. I was expecting the worst -and I almost did get the worst (that would mean a Fail) for one of the subjects- but God has, time and again, blessed me with more than I deserve with the other ten subjects...even though it was His subject that I had done my worst in. And truly, there is no greater joy than knowing that the people around you are proud of you and share your mirth.

My glory is His glory. Praise God.

P/S: I posted the two pictures above as evidence that I did, in fact, get that grade D...since the first response I constantly received was, "Congratu- Wait... D?!?!?! Are you kidding?!"
PP/S: Nothing beats the hilarious -albeit very slow- reactions I get from the people I speak to face-to-face.
PPP/S: I actually missed the grade D when I first saw my results and my stoic expression broke into a grin. When the teacher pointed at the D at the bottom, my grin got wider. God knew me well and gave me what I deserved. I had no regrets.
PPPP/S: Brother's reaction: (continuous laugher until I hung up the phone). Father's reaction: Unexpectedly touching response. I had thought that he missed the D in my text message but he didn't. And he was genuinely over the moon. I am glad that he is glad. Mother's reaction: "I was expecting you to fail (that subject) like your brother. D is great!" I love my family; and that is a sarcasm-free statement.
PPPPP/S: A hearty congratulations to my schoolmates and collegemates. We have conquered this mini battle. Find great pleasure in your achievements, regardless of what they are. Start worrying about college now. (Just kidding.)


azngeek said...

Congratulations on a job well done!

Justine said...

Thank you very much! Appreciate it. ;) And also thanks for still being a reader of this blog. I have been neglecting it. Aiyaya. :S

miao said...

wow! gogo justine! u can do it in da name of jesus! woot!

miao said...

love u man.. tht's the way =) n da spirit!

Joe Jian said...

haha!! i love the way you treat your results!! JIAN JU, YOU RAWK! =D

Fo0n Yo0ng said...

hahahaha... i was laughing wen i read 'Brother's reaction: (continuous laugher until I hung up the phone).' part... hahahahahaha... that was HILARIOUS!!!

Praise Him, praise God for the good results u have and CONGRATS!!!

Forget the D... as long as we LOVE Jesus is enough... whahahahahaha... screw that paper... weeeee...

Kiki said...

sry for the super late comment. I agree with JJ, you rock!

exryos said...

haha justine congrats!! i too love the way you treat your results. anyway i wanna say THANKS a bunch for peer-editing my essay! you helped a lot (: (not like darren didn't help, he helped a lot too.. aiya, you know what i mean right haha)

see you tomorrow!

Justine said...

Sorry, this is late but...thank you guys!!! Really truly appreciate all your comments. I am blessed with great friends like you! Congrats to ALL of you smartypants, too! Hehe. :D

joann said...

hey girl,
i know im a bit late here,but congrats!!! :)

Justine said...

Never too late. :D Thank you, Joann! :)