Blogorrhea -in Parts

Part One - I wouldn't be surprised if this blog's readership has gone from a good ol' zero to a negative ten. Even my brother's blog is more udpated than mine. My bad.

Part Two - Last weekend, my family and I went to the fishing resort with my father's business associates and their families. The resort was, in my opinion and I believe everyone else's, far from a resort. It was definitely an unforgettable experience -and I don't mean that in a good way.

Part Three - I got asked two contradictory questions on the same day. The first one being, "Why do you look so sad?" and the second one being, "Why are you so happy today?" Oy.

Part Four - The student council campaign has begun. The week has been painfully long what with the Engineering test and Calculus midterm going on simultaneously. Next week is going to be the second and last week of the student council campaign. The party I have pledged allegiance to is blessed with a truly capable and God-fearing President as well as great team members. Regardless of whether our party wins the elections or not, it has already been a fruitful experience.

Part Five - The party I belong to, KOMRADS, had organized a gaming event last Wednesday and we had to fill and tie about 300 water balloons before the games began. We soon discovered that tying water balloons manually is not an easy job. At all. Oddly enough, I slowly became adept at tying the balloons that I was advised to quit college to be a professional balloon tie-r. Double oy.

Part Six - I was determined to remain dry throughout the water mayhem at the park. I failed. Miserably. I was still relatively dry even when the game was over when my target who was equally determined to get me wet sneaked up behind me and finally drenched me. Triple oy.

Part Seven - My thirty-minute naps are inexplicably becoming one hundred and fifty-minute naps. Clearly, I am a bit overwhelmed by the things that are going on in my life currently. And I mean that in a good way. There are many good things to be happy over that it is becoming a problem. Quadruple oy.

Part Eight - I went for my final driving lesson yesterday. Since I possess such killer parking skills, I was ordered to practise the parking five subsequent times until my arms were about to fall off by the end of it as the car didn't have power steering. The first time around, my parking was absolutely and unbelievably ghastly. I was so nervous that the car died three billion times as the car slid with zero grace into the parking lot. The fifth time around, I was completely devoid of energy but successfully parked without having my instructor in the car. My arms have not fully recovered. But what great joy I feel because my driving test is tomorrow. Quintuple oy.

Part Nine - My family and I attended the Earth Hour event in the city last night. When it was time, we helped switched off all the lights in the area. And headed to Wendy's for a snack. We are incredulous.

Part Ten - Since I have not blogged for two eternities now, I shall compensate it with this unbelievably long post and several pictures as follows:

KOMRADS good-looking -in my unbiased opinion- flyer bearing the profiles of the EXCO.

KOMRADS good-looking -in my unbiased opinion- logo.

The result of heeding my brother's directions. I kinda sorta like it. Heh.

One of the many good things I mentioned.

P/S: This post is 564 words long; probably a record for this blog.


Kiki said...

dude, you count the number of words in the post?

Anonymous said...

I think there is an automatic word count. Either that or she could always have copy and pasted it into word or something of the sort.

Don't see how it's an unbiased opinion btw, considering you're part of the club. : P

And good to finally have an update!


Justine said...

Kiki: No lah, I was typing the post in Microsoft Word because my Internet suddenly went barmy.

Azngeek: Hehe, you got that right about the word count! And thanks, always great to hear from you! And it is unbiased! And that may be a biased opinion about it being unbiased. Ahah. Ok. Scratch that. :D