Blogorrhea -in Parts

Part One - I wouldn't be surprised if this blog's readership has gone from a good ol' zero to a negative ten. Even my brother's blog is more udpated than mine. My bad.

Part Two - Last weekend, my family and I went to the fishing resort with my father's business associates and their families. The resort was, in my opinion and I believe everyone else's, far from a resort. It was definitely an unforgettable experience -and I don't mean that in a good way.

Part Three - I got asked two contradictory questions on the same day. The first one being, "Why do you look so sad?" and the second one being, "Why are you so happy today?" Oy.

Part Four - The student council campaign has begun. The week has been painfully long what with the Engineering test and Calculus midterm going on simultaneously. Next week is going to be the second and last week of the student council campaign. The party I have pledged allegiance to is blessed with a truly capable and God-fearing President as well as great team members. Regardless of whether our party wins the elections or not, it has already been a fruitful experience.

Part Five - The party I belong to, KOMRADS, had organized a gaming event last Wednesday and we had to fill and tie about 300 water balloons before the games began. We soon discovered that tying water balloons manually is not an easy job. At all. Oddly enough, I slowly became adept at tying the balloons that I was advised to quit college to be a professional balloon tie-r. Double oy.

Part Six - I was determined to remain dry throughout the water mayhem at the park. I failed. Miserably. I was still relatively dry even when the game was over when my target who was equally determined to get me wet sneaked up behind me and finally drenched me. Triple oy.

Part Seven - My thirty-minute naps are inexplicably becoming one hundred and fifty-minute naps. Clearly, I am a bit overwhelmed by the things that are going on in my life currently. And I mean that in a good way. There are many good things to be happy over that it is becoming a problem. Quadruple oy.

Part Eight - I went for my final driving lesson yesterday. Since I possess such killer parking skills, I was ordered to practise the parking five subsequent times until my arms were about to fall off by the end of it as the car didn't have power steering. The first time around, my parking was absolutely and unbelievably ghastly. I was so nervous that the car died three billion times as the car slid with zero grace into the parking lot. The fifth time around, I was completely devoid of energy but successfully parked without having my instructor in the car. My arms have not fully recovered. But what great joy I feel because my driving test is tomorrow. Quintuple oy.

Part Nine - My family and I attended the Earth Hour event in the city last night. When it was time, we helped switched off all the lights in the area. And headed to Wendy's for a snack. We are incredulous.

Part Ten - Since I have not blogged for two eternities now, I shall compensate it with this unbelievably long post and several pictures as follows:

KOMRADS good-looking -in my unbiased opinion- flyer bearing the profiles of the EXCO.

KOMRADS good-looking -in my unbiased opinion- logo.

The result of heeding my brother's directions. I kinda sorta like it. Heh.

One of the many good things I mentioned.

P/S: This post is 564 words long; probably a record for this blog.


D-Day (Literally)

The day of the revelation of the SPM examination results was two days ago. I only went to collect my results several hours after they were released as I had college classes on that day. I think I lost count of the number of missed calls and text messages I received from concerned (and curious) ones all morning so I sent a bulk message to two handfuls of people the minute I got my hands on the result slip. My family and friends and teachers congratulated me and I grinned until my jaw hurt.

The end.

Ha-ha. Just kidding.

Flashing back to the second my searching eyes landed on that small piece of ominous paper: I was feeling apathetic all day as I found no reason to get worked up over something that had passed. God had taken over now. I did my best and there was nothing to worry about. Finally, the moment came and I saw it:

Snapshot #1. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

Snapshot #2. And no again, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

I would've liked to say that the grade D caught me by surprise and I broke down weeping like a loony and decided to run in front of a speeding car...but I couldn't find a reason not to rejoice. In all honesty, I did better than I thought I would. I was expecting the worst -and I almost did get the worst (that would mean a Fail) for one of the subjects- but God has, time and again, blessed me with more than I deserve with the other ten subjects...even though it was His subject that I had done my worst in. And truly, there is no greater joy than knowing that the people around you are proud of you and share your mirth.

My glory is His glory. Praise God.

P/S: I posted the two pictures above as evidence that I did, in fact, get that grade D...since the first response I constantly received was, "Congratu- Wait... D?!?!?! Are you kidding?!"
PP/S: Nothing beats the hilarious -albeit very slow- reactions I get from the people I speak to face-to-face.
PPP/S: I actually missed the grade D when I first saw my results and my stoic expression broke into a grin. When the teacher pointed at the D at the bottom, my grin got wider. God knew me well and gave me what I deserved. I had no regrets.
PPPP/S: Brother's reaction: (continuous laugher until I hung up the phone). Father's reaction: Unexpectedly touching response. I had thought that he missed the D in my text message but he didn't. And he was genuinely over the moon. I am glad that he is glad. Mother's reaction: "I was expecting you to fail (that subject) like your brother. D is great!" I love my family; and that is a sarcasm-free statement.
PPPPP/S: A hearty congratulations to my schoolmates and collegemates. We have conquered this mini battle. Find great pleasure in your achievements, regardless of what they are. Start worrying about college now. (Just kidding.)


To Be Updated

Today was a fantastic day. Absolutely fantastic.

More tomorrow. I promise.


Loose Screw

Today, I smiled and/or laughed so much my jaw began to hurt. Huh. Besides looking like a total goon throughout the day, I took more than 30 minutes to construct one measly introductory paragraph in my English class today. Double huh. Also, my family and I will be going fishing -the real deal- sometime soon. Triple huh.

Must be the repercussions of The Fantastic News.


The Good Life

Today was a public holiday spent at the mall with my family and a friend. I had a splendid time watching a comedy movie, speed-walking all over the mall, admiring the personalized hand-painted T-shirt a friend did for me, hunting for a new college bag, signing on a monetary note and getting my daily dose of laughter from the hilarious people I am related to.

Life is good; even though I feel like I am forced to say that. Truly, life is great.


Braceface! Who, me?

It is a known fact that I have been wearing dental braces for a while now. And it is not a known fact that I have been having metal in my mouth for five years to date. And it is an even lesser known fact that my dental braces have been removed the night before last. I am still getting used to having my teeth being metal-free after having worn braces for an immensely long time. I don't think I can even remember a time before The Braces. During those five years, my teeth have underwent almost all possible worst case scenarios ever. They have been fractured, sawed, screwed, scraped, loosened, binded, removed and x-rayed. Clearly, my teeth deserve the title of Most Problematic Teeth. Also, I have a perfectionist for an orthodontist.

And since I have been wanting to publish this post -to celebrate the removal of The Braces- ever since I created this blog, I will go on talking about it for a while. Forgive me.

Certain unforgettable things the orthodontist have said to me during my time with The Braces:
- "You are the longest patient I've ever had."
- "Your braces will come off before your SPM examination."
- "I will get your braces off before Christmas."
- "I will try to remove your braces before the Chinese New Year."
- "So you are in your first year of high school?"
- "I saw you walking around your college the other day."
- "I spotted you in the newspaper last week and thought to myself, 'Ah, so my patient has been in the papers...but not the dentist.' "

Life post-braces has been highly weird so far. I talk funny, my teeth feel unreal and like plastic and my smile seems extra wide. I dare say that I miss the metal in my mouth but I am thankful my teeth are, finally, metal-free now.


Flash Updates

- A friend and I celebrated the 18th birthday of a great friend of ours yesterday by treating her for dinner at a pretty posh eatery and a movie.
- My right leg was incapable of movement yesterday. I thought I tore my hamstring due to my active participation in sports. But alas, it was just a really excruciating muscle strain.
- A Calculus question actually took a whole lesson (an hour) to be deciphered and yet remains unsolved even though many brains -excluding my dormant brain during that unearthly hour- were combined and the Calculus lecturer even tried to solve it but to no avail. Unbelievable.
- I will be talking in a really weird manner over the next few days.
- My dream will actually be realised soon. I am bursting with joy. But I cannot express it properly as this is a first.
- More explanation soon.


College Closure

Today, I accepted the fact that I am in college and can no longer return to the sanctuary that is high school. And for the first time ever, that notion didn't make me cringe internally. Multiple tests have come and gone. And many more tests are in the offing. The workload has become a bit of a challenge and conflicts between collegemates tend to arise every now and then. But this is part and parcel of college and I think I am OK with it -though it took me unbelievably long to be at ease with this stale revelation.

Today was also my brother's first day back in college in his final year. I don't know if he feels the same way, but it felt slightly weird seeing my brother at the same institution as I am in. It will pass.


A Form of Procrastination

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time : 1945
Name : Too personal.
Sisters : -
Brothers : One.
Shoe size : Too personal.
Height : Too personal.
Where do you live : Too personal.
Favourite drinks : Too personal.
Favourite breakfast : Too personal.
Have you ever been on a plane : Too personal. OK. Yes.
Swam in the ocean : Yes.
Fallen asleep in school : Uncountable times.
Broken someone’s heart : I hope not.
Fell off your chair : Yes.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Nope.
Saved e-mails : What is an e-mail?
What is your room like : Comfortable. And inundated with books. Two bolsters are strewn on the bed. An ant crawls by on the table. It dies under my palm.
What's right beside you : My iPod on my right and a storybook on my left.
What is the last thing you ate : Papaya. No kidding.
Ever had chicken pox : Yes.
Sore throat : Yes.
Stitches : Yes.
Broken nose : Nope.
Do you believe in love at first sight : Nope. At least, not yet.
Like picnics : Not so much.
Who was the last person you danced with : I'm afraid I can't dig out the memory of when I was little.
Last made you smile : The funny MSN emoticons make me grin everytime.
You last yelled at : My brother since he was there and I was here.

Talk to someone you like : Yes. (I like a lot of people. Like, say, my family.)
Kiss anyone : Nope.
Get sick : Unfortunately, yes.
Talk to an ex : Nope.
Miss someone : Nope.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Nope. At least, not anymore.
What's under your bed : I suspect it may be my long-lost twin.
Who do you really hate : Really? No one.
What time is it now : Too personal.

Q :Is there a person who is on your mind right now : Not before I read the question.
Q : Do you have any siblings : Yes.
Q : Do you want children : Not now.
Q : Do you smile often : I'd like to think so.
Q : Do you like your handwriting : Only when my hands are not feeling too heavy. Because then only will my handwriting be legible.
Q : Are your toenails painted : Nope.
Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : The unbelievably comfortable bed in the hotel at Redang Island.
Q : What colour shirt are you wearing : Green.
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : My memory fails me.
Q: I can't wait to : Finish a book in one day. Because I have been taking extremely long to complete a book lately.
Q: When did you cry last : When I laughed so hard in the car this morning.
Q: Are you a friendly person: No. Nope. Far from it.
Q: Do you have any pets : Nope.
Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now : At the restaurant by the lake in the city.
Q:Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now : I'm trying very hard to remember the last person I held hands with but to no avail.
Q:Do you sleep with the TV on? : Nope.
Q:What are you doing right now? : Too personal.
Q:Can you handle the truth? : Yes.
Q:Are you closer to your mother or father? : Both.
Q:How many people can you say you've really loved? : If I am correct, the figure should be exactly 36021 people.
Q:Do you eat healthy? : Nope.
Q:Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you : Nope.
Q:How often do you go to church? : Every Sunday
Q:If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : My Father in Heaven. And the sanctuary of books.
Q:Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : Quiet.
Q:Are you confident?: This would be a huge nope.

1. Wrestled with my brother for the TV remote.
2. Dreamt of being a scientist.
3. Played make-believe games with my cousin sisters.
4. Got addicted to MTV (at the age of 8).
5. Behaved like an infuriating and anger-raging kid.

1. Not worry about Problem 1.
2. Try to solve Problem 2.
3. Complete my Calculus homework, which constitutes many mathematical problems.
4. Think of a catchy and witty tagline.
5. Carpe diem.

1. Cheezels.
2. Ice-cream.
3. Ice cubes.
4. Sour cream and onion-flavored potato chips.
5. The taste of freedom.

(That's a really huge IF). Everything on the right panel of this blog.

1. Home sweet home.
2. Under a rock.
3. In my head.
4. Australia.
5. Books and place settings of the greatest stories ever told.

1. Secret Person 1
2. Secret Person 2
3. Secret Person 3
4. Secret Person 4
5. Secret Person 5


Good Day

Today has been a brilliant day, especially after losing a googillian brain cells yesterday over a stress-inducing issue that's college-bred. I woke up this morning feeling completely at bliss because my mother and brother were finally back in the country. After picking them up from the airport, we went for breakfast. It was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had in a while...partly because I usually skip breakfast entirely and partly because there was the presence of good food and above all, good company.

When we got back home, my mother showed me the fantastically cool shirts she had purchased for me from the land down under and my brother gave me something precious which he had gotten during the limited time he had spent at the mall there since he had to accompany a family member at the hospital almost all the time. I am grateful. And I feel very blessed. And even though my brother has been doing some 21-year-old stuff lately and I feel like smacking him in the head most of the time for no apparent reason whatsoever, I am thankful that I have him as my brother.

And now please excuse me while I head to the washroom to retch due to the extreme mushiness of this post.