It is now a known fact that I do not keep blog promises. My apologies. I have been running extremely short on time lately and have just sat for a highly t-u-p-h Engineering test today. Two more important ones (and counting) are around the corner and if there are three things I need direly, they would be sleep, several extra hours in a day and most importantly, a renewed faith. Instead of kvetching about how my life seems to be crashing, I just want to state that when the going gets tough, the tough goes to God for strength. And He never disappoints.

Other trivial as well as grave updates:
1 - Tomorrow would be a day of perpetual distress. But I am casting my family and my fears into God's hands.
2 - My brother is now in the land he hadn't set foot on in almost 6 years prior to now.
3 - My Calculus lecturer possesses an inexplicable passion for Calculus and displayed it just a few lessons ago. I was and still am at a loss for words that I can't even remember how she worded it.
4 - It is amazing how God uses the most unexpected people in our lives to remind us that "God is important." He truly is.
5 - My brother's room smells funny. What a shocker.
6 - I realize how pathetic and pitiful I am at times. But I gladly accept this fact. Because not many people can be genuinely happy looking pathetic, as contradicting as that may sound.
7 - I don't think, but rather, know that God has placed the right kind of new friends from college in my life. I am at peace...though this holds true if you disregard the next update.
8 - The unconventional event which occurred a couple of days ago and has been reoccurring ever since involves a little stalking though it doesn't concern me (much). Still. I now know that I am capable of instantaneously freaking out. There is nothing more to elaborate on this aberrant matter. (Unless your curiosity is killing you...though curiosity killed the cat.)
9 - The college textbooks are slowly becoming lighter on my back. I wonder why that is.
10 - This is one unusually long blog post.


Evelyn @ Fish said...

Real bad moments huh? Tho curiousity may killed the cat, Curiousity can also be the cure for boredom XD N i bet most of ur buddies would love to knw the stalker *coughsincludingmeunfortunatelycoughs*

Hope the better turns out for u^^

Fo0n Yo0ng said...

Fish, wat larrr.. wanna know stalker pulak... so u spent a night in ur bro's room and it smelled funny?? eewwww... where's ur cbox larrr??