Oreo Goodness

I woke up an hour late for college today but fortunately, made it in time for the first class. I have also contracted mild food poisoning -or rather, drink poisoning. Besides that, I have also been subjected to college labor though I am not kvetching about it (much) since everyone else is going through the same thing; though they might not necessarily call it that. The elusive ants in my room have also made me think of one thing and one thing only: "Die, ant, die!" as coined by a good friend of mine.

And since I am trying to be optimistic in this time of darkness, I shall list down the bright side of my life throughout the week so far. I ate an Oreo cheese cake today even though I hate cheese. I only ate it for the sake of the Oreo. There you go. Good times.


sarlini said...

jian,i woke up an hour late today for college this morning..kekeke*high five*!

Justine said...

Haha, high 5!!! (Although we shouldn't repeat this. Haha.)