Friday the 13th

Certain developments in my life as a college student:

1) The looming tests are slowly weighing me down.
b) I will be playing the role of a doctor in a little skit. I have only three lines throughout the scenes and am contented. I am also assigned to be in charge of the lighting.
4) The magazine is now for sale at an unbelievably cheap price since the contents are printed in black and white only. They published my cringe-worthy "poem" and guide list that contains a high dosage of sarcasm. Pictures are as follows:

Cover of Flipside

I have no clue as to how this became laterally inverted.

Pardon my sarcasm, if at all possible.

Magazine credits

C) Tomorrow is a Saturday. I have college tomorrow as a replacement day. Woe is me.
%) I do not believe in the theory of Friday the 13th.

P/S: I have a sneaking suspicion that my uncle has been perusing this blog.


Fo0n Yo0ng said...

ahahahaha... cool... how much is de mag?? hehehe

kpy said...

Hey...haven't talked to you in ages...hope you're alright...

Btw...you've been tagged...lol hop on over to my blog for details XD

Justine said...

Foon Yoong: Tiga ringgit sahaja.

Kpy: Wah, that is one loooong tag! Hehe. I'm doing good! Thanks. Talk to you soon, yeah? :D

Evelyn @ Fish said...

Hey, found you! Dun mind if i link u, eh? N cool! U wrote for a mag!! i wouldnt hv the guts too XDD That... was a really neat column. Esp the part where u mention 'Love is in the air and it pollutes the air'. Haha!

Justine said...

Hellooooo Evelyn! Thanks for dropping by! :D Thanks! Hehe. I sound really bitter in the article, huh? Haha. I actually don't have any grudge against Valentine's Day...I just couldn't come up with anything Valentine's Day-related so I had to resort to something SAD-related. XP

Evelyn @ Fish said...

Haha. naw, u dun. But since i AM still single, duno whether my comments can be counted in XD Thanks for letting me link u ya!^^ N thanks for visiting my blog too XD

Justine said...

Thank YOU for linking me! Hehe. Will be popping by your blog often now that I've also found it! :D

wenlynn said...

Ah yeah! The mag!! R u guys still sellin it? Every friday I'll be ADP for my language class=p