Clubs I have joined for the semester:

Christian Fellowship
So far, so awesome. Praise and worship sessions have been enriching and incredibly comforting and the speakers have been conveying meaningful messages that speak right to the heart -and the head. It is also such a blessing to be a part of a body that represents God in college.

This is the American Degree Transfer Program's very own magazine club. I have listed myself as a member of the Content team since I am incapable of performing any other tasks. The first issue for the semester will be out on Valentine's Day. I can't be too sure if they will run the article(s) I have submitted since the articles are supposed to be love- or Valentine's Day-related. I may have missed the target. By a long shot. Or more. Regardless, I am giddy and excited for the first publication.

This club is specifically meant for novice drivers who cannot for the life of them park decently. One can only be automatically eligible for this club if one succeeds in morphing a gentle driving instructor into a wild beast due to their extremely hideous parking skills. So far, I am the only eligible member of this club.


exryos said...

HAHAHAHA U-SUCK-@-PARKING club. nice one! i didn't realise there's christian fellowship if not i would have joined that @.@

exryos said...

omg btw justine i want to ask T__T - do we need to do the descriptive essay as hw? thanks!

Justine said...

Come for CF this Friday!!! I'll pass you the flyer tomorrow. :)

I remember her asking us to read that one essay on the World Trade Centre for tomorrow.

Kiki said...

Oh goodness! If you suck, I'm the worst then. LOL.

Justine said...

Trust me, I'm THE worst.