Another Numbered Post

Amidst the tedium of my life, several unnoteworthy things have happened:

1. My brother's guitar skills have been improving.
2. My parking skills have not.
3. The elusive ants are still infesting my room. I am just about ready to cordon off my room to destroy them. Forever.
4. The whiteboard on which I write my to-do list needs to be replaced with another one ten times its size. For more writing space.
5. A lizard had found its way into my lizard-phobic brother's room. But then it came out a few seconds later and my joy fizzled out.
6. I have just discovered that I am camp-phobic. Wherein I have a fear of all kinds of camps. No wonder I haven't been to a single camp since I was 12. Pshaw.
7. My brother has had more sleepovers throughout the week than I have had in all my 17 years put together.
8. Valentine's Day was spent productively with the people who matter most to me.
9. I have not been reading a storybook for more than two weeks now. I fear the habit is slowly fading. And after that, I fear death. (Just kidding.)
10. I have seen my brother for a grand total of (accumulated) 30 minutes in 10080 minutes (7 days).


azngeek said...

Jeremy plays the guitar now???

And sleepovers? Haha. I'm jealous now, where to?

Evelyn @ Fish said...

Ur bro is afraid of lizards??? Kaka! Hilarious! Aww.. I felt that way once since i had stopped reading storybooks due to SPM X__x But it rekindled after i visited Popular juz recently. Thank God! XD I dun go for camps too =____=

Fo0n Yo0ng said...

hahaha... 30 minutes in 10080 minutes... means either u've been busy or ur bro's been busy...

Justine said...

Azngeek: Yep. He's a beginner. Printing score sheets and all now. Practising at least once a day. Haha. And yeah, sleepovers almost every night... I wonder. :S

Evelyn: Yeah, he is super duper afraid of lizards. I once had to switch rooms with him cos he saw a lizard enter his room. And he's turning 21. Sweat betul... Haha.

Foon: HE has been busy. With work. And sleepovers. Odd. Although I have also been extremely busy of late...but I come home every night. He doesn't. Ish...