Le Sigh

Today was an achingly long day. I am just about to get a taste of what the "real world" is really like. I can't even begin to wrap my head around what has been happening lately as well as what is about to happen; and to think this is only just the beginning of a brewing storm. The complexity of the problem(s) just may beat the complexity of a Calculus equation -which is saying something- by a long mile.

In other news, a good friend of mine will be getting a new car tomorrow. In the meantime, I will be having college classes tomorrow -which is a Saturday- and dwelling on the hopelessness of my parking skills. Oy. Something green inside me grows. (Just kidding.)

And I just may cut the art of poetry some slack when poems such as this exist:

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I'll draw a sketch of thee,
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B?

- A Silly Poem by Spike Milligan

Genius. Exactly my kind of poetic taste.

Be on watch and pray always that you will have the strength to go safely through all those things that will happen and to stand before the Son of Man. -Luke 21:36


Quote of the Day

Hewo sistah, is der anyfink you wud liek mi to buey? Zankiew.

- My brother


Tick Tock

Every text message received so far has been giving my father and me -and, I assume, the rest of the extended family- a jolt. Words like '99% chance of failure', 'might not make it through' and 'contracted a new virus' aren't words you want to read in intermittent updates about a loved one. I can't imagine what time must seem to be like there right now; too fast, too slow or completely at a standstill. Or a horrid mixture of the three. There is always hope in God and so, we surrender him into God's loving arms through this harrowing ordeal. We are praying endlessly and trusting Him for the best.



It is now a known fact that I do not keep blog promises. My apologies. I have been running extremely short on time lately and have just sat for a highly t-u-p-h Engineering test today. Two more important ones (and counting) are around the corner and if there are three things I need direly, they would be sleep, several extra hours in a day and most importantly, a renewed faith. Instead of kvetching about how my life seems to be crashing, I just want to state that when the going gets tough, the tough goes to God for strength. And He never disappoints.

Other trivial as well as grave updates:
1 - Tomorrow would be a day of perpetual distress. But I am casting my family and my fears into God's hands.
2 - My brother is now in the land he hadn't set foot on in almost 6 years prior to now.
3 - My Calculus lecturer possesses an inexplicable passion for Calculus and displayed it just a few lessons ago. I was and still am at a loss for words that I can't even remember how she worded it.
4 - It is amazing how God uses the most unexpected people in our lives to remind us that "God is important." He truly is.
5 - My brother's room smells funny. What a shocker.
6 - I realize how pathetic and pitiful I am at times. But I gladly accept this fact. Because not many people can be genuinely happy looking pathetic, as contradicting as that may sound.
7 - I don't think, but rather, know that God has placed the right kind of new friends from college in my life. I am at peace...though this holds true if you disregard the next update.
8 - The unconventional event which occurred a couple of days ago and has been reoccurring ever since involves a little stalking though it doesn't concern me (much). Still. I now know that I am capable of instantaneously freaking out. There is nothing more to elaborate on this aberrant matter. (Unless your curiosity is killing you...though curiosity killed the cat.)
9 - The college textbooks are slowly becoming lighter on my back. I wonder why that is.
10 - This is one unusually long blog post.



Today has been a highly unconventional day in college. My brain is currently down and so is the air-conditioner in my room. Am going to spend the night sleeping in my brother's room.


Another Numbered Post

Amidst the tedium of my life, several unnoteworthy things have happened:

1. My brother's guitar skills have been improving.
2. My parking skills have not.
3. The elusive ants are still infesting my room. I am just about ready to cordon off my room to destroy them. Forever.
4. The whiteboard on which I write my to-do list needs to be replaced with another one ten times its size. For more writing space.
5. A lizard had found its way into my lizard-phobic brother's room. But then it came out a few seconds later and my joy fizzled out.
6. I have just discovered that I am camp-phobic. Wherein I have a fear of all kinds of camps. No wonder I haven't been to a single camp since I was 12. Pshaw.
7. My brother has had more sleepovers throughout the week than I have had in all my 17 years put together.
8. Valentine's Day was spent productively with the people who matter most to me.
9. I have not been reading a storybook for more than two weeks now. I fear the habit is slowly fading. And after that, I fear death. (Just kidding.)
10. I have seen my brother for a grand total of (accumulated) 30 minutes in 10080 minutes (7 days).


Friday the 13th

Certain developments in my life as a college student:

1) The looming tests are slowly weighing me down.
b) I will be playing the role of a doctor in a little skit. I have only three lines throughout the scenes and am contented. I am also assigned to be in charge of the lighting.
4) The magazine is now for sale at an unbelievably cheap price since the contents are printed in black and white only. They published my cringe-worthy "poem" and guide list that contains a high dosage of sarcasm. Pictures are as follows:

Cover of Flipside

I have no clue as to how this became laterally inverted.

Pardon my sarcasm, if at all possible.

Magazine credits

C) Tomorrow is a Saturday. I have college tomorrow as a replacement day. Woe is me.
%) I do not believe in the theory of Friday the 13th.

P/S: I have a sneaking suspicion that my uncle has been perusing this blog.



Clubs I have joined for the semester:

Christian Fellowship
So far, so awesome. Praise and worship sessions have been enriching and incredibly comforting and the speakers have been conveying meaningful messages that speak right to the heart -and the head. It is also such a blessing to be a part of a body that represents God in college.

This is the American Degree Transfer Program's very own magazine club. I have listed myself as a member of the Content team since I am incapable of performing any other tasks. The first issue for the semester will be out on Valentine's Day. I can't be too sure if they will run the article(s) I have submitted since the articles are supposed to be love- or Valentine's Day-related. I may have missed the target. By a long shot. Or more. Regardless, I am giddy and excited for the first publication.

This club is specifically meant for novice drivers who cannot for the life of them park decently. One can only be automatically eligible for this club if one succeeds in morphing a gentle driving instructor into a wild beast due to their extremely hideous parking skills. So far, I am the only eligible member of this club.


Oreo Goodness

I woke up an hour late for college today but fortunately, made it in time for the first class. I have also contracted mild food poisoning -or rather, drink poisoning. Besides that, I have also been subjected to college labor though I am not kvetching about it (much) since everyone else is going through the same thing; though they might not necessarily call it that. The elusive ants in my room have also made me think of one thing and one thing only: "Die, ant, die!" as coined by a good friend of mine.

And since I am trying to be optimistic in this time of darkness, I shall list down the bright side of my life throughout the week so far. I ate an Oreo cheese cake today even though I hate cheese. I only ate it for the sake of the Oreo. There you go. Good times.


Sleep Makes the Brain Grow Fonder

I've got good news and bad news. I shall begin with the bad news: Assignments, projects, impending tests and opportunities to humiliate oneself o'plenty. And the good news: College has become a little bit less of a battlefield now.

I am now wiped out and am typing this in a semi-dazed state; although I am aware of how completely meaningless and nonsensical the title of this post is. My system is about to crash in a while.

Over and out.


Devastating Defeat

Today, the world mourns over the defeat of a worthy tennis player in the Australian Open finals to the One Who Needs New Pants. OK, maybe not the world, per se. But a household. Or two. Or a thousand. The finals, as predicted, was extremely excruciating to watch. I think the whole neighborhood could hear the intermittent cries of agony from my mostly peaceful family and my cousin brothers who live next door amidst the match. We (my family and my cousin brothers' families) had to leave for dinner at some point during the match and had to survive on live updates from the Internet via my brother's phone. It was doubly excruciating. All of us had completely lost our appetite and waited in silence for the horrible end to transpire. A world record could've been challenged tonight. But that thought is now out the window. Please excuse us for we are grieving at the moment. If there is one question we could ask the supposed-to-be winner, it would be, "Why?"

In other news, I realized that I don't deal well with change and actually relished being bored with the monotony of my schooling days. This week, much like every other week, has flown by rapidly and college begins tomorrow. In retrospect, I have spent the week reading, sleeping in the middle of the night, reading, waking up in the afternoon, reading and exterminating the ants that have begun to inhabit my room. Spent my time wisely, I have not.

Now, I shall cry myself to sleep.