If there is such a thing as schoolsick, much like homesick, then I undoubtedly have it. I miss all things high school: the dedicated teachers, the phenomenal friends, the endless homework, the laborious exams, the grotesque washroom, the comfortable uniform, the squeaky school shoes, the peeling classroom wall, the mundane plants, the overcrowded canteen and the somniferous morning assemblies. Not only do I miss everything endearing about it, but I also miss everything dreadful about it. Aiyaya!

On a less despondent note, my family and I had lunch together and then spent some quality family time at the mall for the first time since year 2009 began. My brother and I can sometimes go for days, I repeat, days, without seeing each other at all even though we are living under the same roof what with him working and me studying in college. So today was a great day; definitely time spent well with the family.


Kiki said...

Happy cny~

Justine said...

Happy CNY to you, too! :D

exryos said...

aye.. thought i'll leave my mark here :P anyhoos i miss high school too! especially my best buds we used to joke so much in school sigh ):

and i'm not going to make this comment any sadder.. HAPPY CNY JUSTINE! (: see you in eng101 LOL.

Lee Teng said...

HAPPY CNY! i miss school too! ):

Justine said...

Hey exryos! Hehe. Thanks for dropping by! :D Happy CNY to you, too!

Lee Teng, Happy CNY!!! Have fun collecting ang pows. Hehe.

And we all agree that our high school days are dearly missed! :(