The First Two

First day of the year and I've attended both a birthday party and a funeral in the same day. Needless to say, the first day of the year was one exceptionally long day. The first half of the day was spent in merriment, joy and laughter while the second half of the day was filled with gloom, sorrow and grief.

Second day of the year and I've begun college. The new batch of students had to sit for an English Placement Test today. My writing was unbelievably illegible as I honestly hadn't held held a pen for over a month now. And I don't think I can count the number of times I recited, "I'm Justine...with an 'e' at the end. Yes, Justine." But all's well. I met some people who are really nice. And I also met some people who probably wouldn't want me within a ten-mile radius after today because I have this superpower to exude awkwardness effortlessly. My excitement to begin college has deflated a bit.

In other less-depressing-but-still-depressing news, the countdown to year 2009 was bittersweet to the power of two. It was sweet because I got to spend the last minute of year 2008 and first minute of year 2009 with my parents. It was bitter because my brother couldn't join us. It was sweet again because I got to witness some spectacular fireworks close-up for the first time. It was bitter because my brother ended year 2008 and began year 2009 on a really painful note. As my cousin sister has mentioned in her blog: When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

I also recently found out that my church has a Facebook group as well as a website. Where have I been all these years? Under a rock, that's where. Anyway, the following was what I toiled so laboriously to create during the last hour of year 2008:

If you've already laughed and fell off the chair, you're going to howl with laughter when I say that this is the best artwork I've ever created.

Glad to have provided a good laugh. Cheers to Patrick Star.


zehr said...


justine trying out art: new year's resolution 09!!!

good job! now go show mommy! lol:D

Justine said...

Haha, good one! But I think there is zero, or even negative, hope for me now. Although, I can make an exception for sandart. :D And maybe T-shirt painting!

Morning Darkness said...

I am also going to start college at Monday but it is at Sunway...Anyway, all the best in ur college life..

Justine said...

Thank you! You, too. :) Enjoy it.

kpy said...

Hey Justine...hope you're doing alright.. =)

All the best to you in college!!! I'm sure it won't be as worse (though you haven't told me yet why) as orientation...

PS: Will you be getting a chatterbox for your page soon? =D

Justine said...

Heyya PY! :) I am doing good, thanks for asking. Hehe.

I haven't told you? Aiyok. Soon.

No, won't be getting a chatbox. I had one last time. Removed it. Afraid of spammers that almost took control of a few friends' chatboxes at one point. :D