First Impressions

MATH 171
This is my Calculus class. I like the thought of the subject more than the subject itself. The lecturer is formidable. This explains why I always almost have this persistent urge to shrink back in my seat whenever she draws close.

ENGL 101
It would be an understatement to say that English is my most favourite subject. However, I find the lecturer intimidating, threatening and a bit terrifying. Either that or I am a true wuss. Or both. And I am still getting adapted to the American English instead of the British English which I've grown accustomed to for...all my life; so far.

CHEM 105
My lecturer is hilarious beyond words. I truly enjoy Chemistry classes and get a kick out of listening to her endless accounts of back when she was in America. And thus far, I enjoy conducting the Chemistry experiments in a proper lab while donning proper lab attire.

ENGR 196
My Engineering lecturer never fails to have an amused look plastered on his face. I have yet to find out as to whether he is stern or the antithesis. But so far, I am having not too bad a time in his classes. I especially relish attending computer lab lessons for this subject. Nifty stuff.

PHIL 130
Philosophy is an euphemism for Moral Education. I am not liking this subject too much and have zero opinion about the lecturer and the classes. This is a compulsory subject for one semester and I am looking forward to (hopefully) ending this chapter successfully as soon as possible. And I have to concede that this class taps into the dormant aspects of my life.

I forgot to swallow when I drove atop the hill and tried my hand at parking just this evening. I hadn't eaten in 8 hours and just got up from my nap when my uber-punctual driving instructor arrived at my house. I am also not too fond of the first gear nor the energy-draining swinging of the wheel when maneuvering the car into the parking spot. Manual labour, is what I regard it as.

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