College Slam

After making the discovery of a lifetime that college is not as it seems in my head, I have been swamped with all things college -except for my driver's L license. And I have to rant before I evaporate into thin air.

My college textbooks weigh five tonnes. They are thick, heavy and thick. And heavy. I have only gotten three textbooks and my shoulder blades are about to rupture. I also have classes until 5PM for 3 out of 5 college days. So 4 hours of sleep every night + 11 hours in college + assignments and research + other common life predicaments + woes = lifeless Justine.

In lieu of all my newfound torture, I have reason to thank God. I am blessed with having met two truly incredible friends during the first day of college and have either one of them in all my classes. I am also thankful for being able to purchase the Calculus textbook before it ran out of stock. I am also at ease because transportation is not much of a problem for me. And the list goes on and on.

I hope it will get better and that I will adapt soon. Because suffice to say, I am in mental, physical and emotional pain right now.


Kok Yen said...

you are making me nervous now since i'm taking adp also....gosh..

btw, i haven't start...starting on friday...now can i resume my time to right after spm? i want holiday!

ITX-R said...

so, college not as u see.... lol.. my college view is very relax... but until i see your post... i'm >.<

Justine said...

Kok Yen: It depends on your schedule. I am doing Engineering and my classes are a bit of a drone. A couple of two-hour classes and labs. :) You will do fine! You have proper time management skills. I need help in that area. Haha.

ITX-R: Enjoy high school while you can, please... Or switch places with me. Haha. :)

azngeek said...

You will be fine

Danny said...

College isn't always all that people say it is. Sometimes, it is worse, a lot worse. Things will probably get easier as time goes on, as they did for me.

Justine said...

Azngeek: Thank you. I hope so. :)

Danny: It is a whole LOT worse, as I have just discovered. Getting better today, though...just a teeny bit better.