Blog Back

Today was truly a day of revelations and inexplicable ironies. I am feeling a tad overwhelmed by what took place today; both in a good and bad way. And I think I may have lost the will to blog. Oy. So I shall blog about college -for the umpteenth time- to keep the blog juices flowing again.

There are already a few group assignments; one of which I completely dread as it involves drama and AIDS. And since I have such amazing and enviable acting chops (this is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue Engineering), I may be so into the character that I may lapse into epilepsy.

Sorry for being bitter. Clearly, I am taking quite a while to get adapted to college life. Although I am now experiencing mid-adolescence crisis, I am genuinely thankful that I have a week off from college in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. My week-long scattered thoughts need to be gathered.


Fo0n Yo0ng said...

hey!! what happened to yr cbox?? swt... wanna wish u a happy Chinese New Year!!!

Justine said...

Ah??? This is your first time visiting my blog after three hundred years ago? Haha. I removed it eons ago la... It ain't existing now... Sorry. :) But can wish here, too mah... Haha. Thanks! Happy CNY to you, too!!! (Don't ask me for ang pow.) :D