Another Beginning

I haven't been a good ex-high school student. I say this because I forgot my English teacher's birthday. And she is not just any English teacher as I had been under her incredible tutelage for seven years. I have also not kept in contact with my high school teachers who I'd grown close to for the past two years. I suck. And I must do something about it. Soon.

In other news, today was the Chinese New Year and I attended a customary family reunion for lunch after church. I had a splendid time with my cousin brothers and brother; I only missed the company of my cousin sisters. I also saw one of my cousin brothers for the first time in...almost decade or so. He was shocked to see us all grown up and we were equally surprised to discover how much he has changed physically. I also had a lot of good laughs at the classic jokes my family usually cracks when we get together.

I have become a bit familial lately and am being hit by multiple waves of nostalgia daily. I don't know why that is but I hope that they are not signs of old age.

P/S: My brother has begun to play the guitar. And he has been showing off his ability to strum two chords so far. I will note his progress.

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