Sad Prospects

On Christmas morning, my family received tragic news of a loved one. The whole thing happened so fast it is still a little unbelievable to grasp. It is all in God's will and there is nothing to question. It is still a sad prospect.

Today was my maternal grandmother's 80th birthday. Today was also the day my 3-year-old cousin sister left the country and returned to the land down under. It will probably be long before I would be able to see her again. She would have forgotten me by then. This is a sad prospect.

To the friends who are heading off to their respective National Service locations, stay strong and come back home with bionic muscles. If it's any consolation, I do not possess even half the courage you possess. I am a true chicken. And I will have to bear this two-tonne burden until I hit 35. Again, sad prospect.

I may be approaching mid-adolescence crisis. What a sad prospect.


Lee Teng said...

the land down under???

Justine said...

Land down under is a term for 'Australia'. Hehe. My cousin lives there. So sad she went home already. :(