Over and Out

Part One: School's out...forever. And freedom tastes sweet.

Part Two: Last Saturday, my 17-year-old cousin sister and I went to the mall with our adorable 2-year-old cousin sister and our mothers. We were only there to get diapers (for the 2-year-old) and the next thing you know, my 17-year-old cousin sister and I were buying jeans for college. Because I had never owned a single pair of jeans in two lifetimes, it honestly felt as if I were buying college uniform. Sometimes my level of incredulity amazes me.

Part Three: A radio station called me up about 15 minutes ago to deliver the great news that I had just won 5 albums because the song I voted for won and I was the 'lucky voter'. I texted in my vote four times and besides having the song I wanted to win, win, I also won five albums. What a deal. I was caught by surprise when they called me but I knew immediately that I was on air thanks to the experience I had last time. My mind was reeling and I was a little bit tongue-tied. They called me a second time to get my personal details and when the call was over, I heard myself on air. And what's worse is that I sounded very lame, really. And I have it recorded. But no time to fret. Five CDs! I only bought my first one earlier this month. Yippie!

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