This was her reflex when I wielded the camera.

Dutifully fastening the seat belt. Or at least, attempting to do so.

Donning the Gloria (from Madagascar) hairband from McDonald's.

Busy munching French fries.

Flagrantly implying her age.


Admiring herself in the mirror. Really.

Trolley victim.

My brother and her leg.

Spoon-lickin' good.

In her own words, "Peter Rabbit! Peter Rabbit!"

Looking pretty in the dress she hates wearing.

The story behind this picture: When I whipped out the camera, she blurted, "Wait!" and then hastily climbed onto the sofa and posed. The result is what you are now seeing.


Joe Jian said...

Gosh! she looks like YOU!! haha

Justine said...

Haha, really??? I thought she looks more like my other cousins. Haha. She's very adorable. Turning 3 soon. ;)

Joe Jian said...

haha.. so active la this lil gal! so small edi know how to be a poser..

Justine said...

Itulah... ;)

sarlini said...

she's chooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!

Justine said...

Hehehehe. I agree.