Inaugural Post from the Laptop

Part 1: The online video of the video shoot my ex-classmates and I had participated in back in October is now released here. The video is immensely long (32 minutes) and in a language that is slowly beginning to escape me and features me somewhere...for about one-fifth of a second. Thankfully. I couldn't help but feel nostalgic when I was watching it. My classmates were indeed a great bunch of people.

Part 2: I spent more time figuring out my laptop than using it yesterday. It feels very liberating to be able to use iTunes, Windows Media Player and Microsoft Word instead of alternatives like Songbird, VLC Media Player and Open Office which are quite unheard of and taxing.

Part 3: I had a much-needed dinner with my family last night. I can't even remember the last time we had a dinner with just the four of us. The highlight of the dinner was when my brother kept wincing after one measly drop of the hot gravy scalded an unbelievably tiny part of his finger. My father then commented, "What is this, son? You are worse than a girl!" while my brother retorted, "I have a soft spot." Ha-ha. What a riot.

Part 4: Two out of the five albums I had won recently arrived in the mail yesterday. One of the two albums are listed in my playlist on the right panel of this blog. Awesome.

Part 5: I sat for the driver's theory test this morning even though my brain isn't capable of functioning well this month. I told my mother, father and brother that I had failed. They all fell for it before I added, "Just kidding." I passed. Praise God. It was my first time sitting for a computerised exam. Once I was done, I clicked 'Done' and the results appeared on the screen a microsecond later. My heartbeat didn't even have the time to speed up a little bit when I saw it.

Part 6: I am now physically unwell. This is solely due to the convoluted emotions I have been experiencing lately: excitement, lethargy, anxiety, disbelief, gaiety, relief and chagrin. And maybe it has to the with the heaty food I have been consuming lately.

P/S: This is my first post from the laptop so I am a little bit delirious. I still haven't found the right spot for it yet though.


Kiki said...

you're sick?!!!

Justine said...

Aiya. Why is that an alarming fact? Haha.