Driving Dread

Today, I attended the mandatory but grueling 5-hour oration on driving, traffic rules, roadsigns and the like. After having only 4 hours of sleep last night, it was beyond arduous to keep awake during the incredibly somniferous oration. Moreover, my right shoe decided to burst at the seams 20 minutes before it began so I had to drag and glide my right foot (with zero grace and poise) across the floor whenever I had to walk, which, thankfully, wasn't that much.

I had also worn my college t-shirt to promote my soon-to-be college. Just kidding. I just agreed to the notion when someone mentioned it because I didn't have the guts to concede that I threw the t-shirt on when I was in a rush this morning.

On a much brighter note, my driving instructor is a church member. The owner of the driving school is a church member. My orator today is a church member. And one of the three people who are under the same tutelage as I am is also a church member. The world is huge.

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