Drive of Doom

Today, I was behind the wheel for the first time. It was very thrilling but petrifying. I didn't do so bad except for the fact that:-

a) I was driving (illegally) without a learner's permit and this was because my driving instructor ordered me to drive out of the driving school compound for 'experience'. "Surprising, isn't it?" he asked me when I discovered that we were the only ones leaving the premises. I was too frantic to answer.
b) The car died 3 consecutive times because I wasn't used to the clutch. Then it died another time after five minutes.
c) Cars and lorries honked when I was on the road inundated with trucks and other humongous life-threatening vehicles.
d) Once I get my 'L' license, I will be hitting the highway...on the first official (and legal) day of my driving lesson.

Did I say I didn't do so bad? Forgive me; I wasn't finished. I meant: I didn't do so bad...I did unbelievably and inexplicably horrendous.

On a random and lighter note, my driving instructor was in search of papayas as I drove but the fruit store was closed. Then he led me to another store which was also closed. My driving instructor also treated me for lunch. I can't help feeling blessed to be under the tutelage of my driving instructor because he is one patient and thoughtful man. He is also very gutsy for allowing a completely inexperienced driver -if you could call me that- to take control of the wheel on a bustling road.

I am admitting this: I fear my next driving lesson.

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