Celeb in College

This post is dedicated to the friend who couldn't make it for the talk because said friend lives in Japan.

Yesterday, my cousin sister and I attended the Open Day of the college I am studying at next year. My cousin sister only tagged along because I asked her to and I only went for it because I wanted to see Allan Wu in front of my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that his level of intelligence was exceedingly high -he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Major in Pre-Med- and that he is married with 2 kids. The sole reason for my misconception was because I only knew him from watching him host The Amazing Race Asia seasons on TV. The talk he gave on Mass Communication was unbelievably informative and full of substance. I admit: I was a bit smitten for a while there.

When his praiseworthy talk finally concluded, there was an autograph session. As my cousin and I stood in line, I caught up with two ex-classmates. Then we each got an autograph and our respective pictures with Allan.

Taking center stage.

Signing an autograph for my cousin sister.

When I was snapping the above photo, the head lecturer approached me and divulged something clandestine to me because she thought I was planning on pursuing Mass Communication but I don't think I heard a word. I only knew it was top secret because my mouth did the talking and something I asked unthinkingly in response spurred her to immediately drop her voice a notch or two. Oy.

Cousin sister (left). Awesome dude (right).


I asked for an extra one for the friend in Japan. He inadvertently added an extra 'e'. But that's forgivable because the one who bears the name will forgive him.


Anonymous said...

eh???i tot i left a comment here...anyways,what i commented was
i prefer his old hairstlye!!!!
looks so much hotter in that...i dunno..this new one looks...weird..

anyway,thanks!!! for the pictures and signature and all!!

friend in japan

Justine said...

You're welcome! :D

elisa. said...

oh gosh..am home sick!

Justine said...

So fast kah? Haha. You'll be back in no time. Time flies when you're having fun. :D Wish I could be there with you guys.