Yesterday, my family and relatives returned from a fruitful 3-day trip to Malacca. Even though it was my family's 327916th time visiting the place, I had a great time because of the presence of two awesome things: good company and good food. Besides, it was my cousin brother and cousin sister's first time there so I had no reason to be sour.

Today was my cousin sister's 3rd birthday. My brother and two cousin brothers took somewhere over 200 pictures of the simple birthday celebration today because my cousin sister somehow manages to look adorable every waking moment. I think I can speak for all the cousins who were present when I say that we are completely spent now from entertaining the hyperactive kid.

And it just dawned on me a moment ago that I begin college...next Friday. This is sooner than I had imagined. I am ready for the classes. I am just not sure if my brain can say the same since it has been idle for almost a month now. Oy.

P/S: This is my second post from the laptop. The bliss is still existent.

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