One More To Go

Two minutes before the last paper for the Science Stream students ended, a deafening explosion shattered the silence in the examination hall. Firecrackers. Figures. Although, the timing wasn't quite right. What ensued two minutes later was a sea of PDH (Public Display of Happiness) which irks me a little because I still have an insufferable paper next Monday. This is taking a tad too long for my endurance.



Jo said...

Bible Knowledge?
All the best.
gosh...so fast huh?
i remember u talking to me about your trials and all..and now all done..
time flies huh?
can't wait for your college stories!

Justine said...

Bible Knowledge was on the fourth day of SPM. I've got Accounts next Monday. ;)

Time sprints! :D

Twilighter said...

Hey Justine.
Can I have your email?

Justine said...

Sorry, are you from the Malaysian Twilighter site?