The Letter

I mentioned here that I was prepared for the worst and the best. I accepted the worst eons ago when every one of my schoolmates who went for the college interview got the scholarship weeks ago but I checked the letter box for about 3 consecutive days only to find that I wasn't going to get it. It was pathetic and sad, really. So all hope was lost.

Then this morning came.

My mother was just leaving the house when she came back in with a big envelope from the college with my name on it. And I thanked God...while jumping giddily in the living room for the first time in years and ripping the letter from the top because the adhesive was too sticky for my patience.

Praise Him!


Joe Jian said...

Once again..


elisa. said...

yeaaaa...congrates! and high 5 cousin! (:

Justine said...

Joe Jian: Hehe. Thank you. ;)

Elisa: High 5 slam!!! Haha. Xie xie. :D