One More To Go

Two minutes before the last paper for the Science Stream students ended, a deafening explosion shattered the silence in the examination hall. Firecrackers. Figures. Although, the timing wasn't quite right. What ensued two minutes later was a sea of PDH (Public Display of Happiness) which irks me a little because I still have an insufferable paper next Monday. This is taking a tad too long for my endurance.



This Is Me, Gushing

This Study in the U.S.A. magazine may look lame but it is the best magazine I've come across in a very long while and is extremely worth reading. I'm glad my mother took it for me when she saw it in the college yesterday. Reading this magazine is almost tantamount to reading a really good storybook. It is now the perfect -or rather, 'essential'- student guide for me at the moment. Besides it being the 2009 Southeast Asian Edition, it has many informative articles and college/university listings. The last time I gushed over an academic magazine was...never.


College Spirit

I feel like a small kid who's just been granted a lifetime supply of candies. Only I am delirious with joy for a different reason, as insinuated by the title of this post.

I enrolled for college this afternoon and have gotten my student ID, college T-shirt and college bag. I am now a semi-college student. Sweet joy. Besides that, I have also gotten my letter of deferment from the college and can't wait to lay this to rest. Also, I will be studying at the new lakeside college building for my second year of college and said building is looking mighty fine in the digital image released.

I had no idea that I had to select a course upon enrollment. I only daftly assumed I had to choose the programme, not the course. So I made the decision to pursue Engineering on a whim. The very helpful lady I spoke to informed me that a lot of math is involved; another reason why I am very much looking forward to college.

The college spirit, as opposed to high school spirit (which I lack completely), was bubbling inside of me all day that I even watched a two-minute video of the construction progression of the new lakeside campus set to be completed in late 2009 when I got home.

I thank God everyday for the scholarship because boy is American Degree Transfer Program exorbitant! I ask of God everyday to grant me the wisdom I need to decide wisely. And I pray everyday for God to give me the strength I need to acclimate to college life.

I gotta say, you only experience this kind of excitement once (or maybe never) in your adolescence. So I am not ashamed to admit -for now, at least- that indeed, I am keening with excitement.


Then Comes College

I received my leaving certificate in school today. I begin college on the second day of year 2009. The transition from high school to college is faster than I had imagined. And although I am going to miss high school and homework that only entails little or no research at all, I am looking forward to the next phase of education.


The Letter

I mentioned here that I was prepared for the worst and the best. I accepted the worst eons ago when every one of my schoolmates who went for the college interview got the scholarship weeks ago but I checked the letter box for about 3 consecutive days only to find that I wasn't going to get it. It was pathetic and sad, really. So all hope was lost.

Then this morning came.

My mother was just leaving the house when she came back in with a big envelope from the college with my name on it. And I thanked God...while jumping giddily in the living room for the first time in years and ripping the letter from the top because the adhesive was too sticky for my patience.

Praise Him!


History is History

Pun intended.

In other news, my soon-to-be 3-year-old cousin sister (and her parents) from down under visited the country for the first time last Saturday. They left today. The girl is a child genius and utterly adorable. I procrastinated much-needed revision to play with her and actually rolled on the floor from laughing so hard just by watching her interact with humans and things. Everything she does is so endearing and I am really blessed to have her as a cousin sister. I am going to stop here and ramble on and on about her post-SPM.

Today's only Day 2 but I feel like half the battle is already won because my two major concerns are done with and the impulse to rip, shred, burn and recycle is slowly intensifying day by day.