The Word Is Keys

Oddly, today felt like the first day of school to me albeit it is the antepenultimate month of high school. I think I felt this way because I had enjoyed the school holidays a little too much. I actually leapt out of bed, after hitting the snooze button quadruple times. My sudden burst of energy may be due to the fact that I was stoked for school. Or that I was running late for school. Or both. Also, my schoolmates and I received excellent news today. There will be a minor Moral Education assessment paper tomorrow specifically for the SPM students for, I presume, evaluation and/or student research purposes. Oy.

I discovered not too long ago that I have an annoyingly inquisitive mind. If someone asks me something or vice versa and they nor I know the answer, I will set out to find it, by hook or by crook. A friend and I were talking about maps for some reason during assembly this morning and I was asked what the Malay word petunjuk was in English. The word ceased to exist in my dictionary. I knew the word but it wasn't forming in my head.

I was massively perturbed the entire school day. I asked 10 classmates but none had a clue, or rather, the right clue, as well. Finally, the eleventh person I asked thought about it long enough and gave me the answer I was feverishly looking for: keys. Petunjuk peta = Map keys. Again, oy. It was like regaining the ability to see and the urge to pull my hair evaporated into a cloud of nitrous oxide fumes. I am that far off. And who should the eleventh person be but my mother. Mother knows best, indeed.


Anonymous said...

hello dear,
couldnt write a note for u in the chat box so am wrting it here..how was trials?tell me when the results are out k..
btw...can i have your bro's website's add?i tried what u told me..but nothing came out..


Justine said...

Hey ya! So you went back already. :) Hope you had a great time when you came back here, and other vacation spots you visited, too. Haha. Trials was good...and bad. Some made me sweat bullets. And some were equally challenging but OK. Pretty even split. Haha. Thanks for asking. ;)

And why do you wanna know my results? It's going to be so teruk la... I fear the worst. So far, I've only gotten back parts of papers, but not all. Haha. Except one. How you want me to tell you? Here kah?

My bro's site: www.jeremyyeo.com